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Tiaki CGC- SD

I am a Pringles- pilfering pup!!
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 10:32am PST 
Squ'mey my dogs are never left in the car for more than 10 minutes. If it's longer I check on them often. Being a newer car, I highly doubt the A/C will stop working, it never has before. And as I've mentioned, there is a portable A/C in the back of the car, so if for some unbelievable reason my car did stop working, they still have cold air. My dogs are always with me because 1. They are my service dogs. The only reason they didn't go in with me is because I was picking up a large number of big boxes & wouldn't have been able to handle them & the boxes & 2. because they work with me in my pet business. My client's dogs are rarely in my car & when they are we go right from the car to the walk. They are not left in my car.
I never claimed to be above the law. I merely stated that if it came to choosing between giving me a ticket for idling & leaving the dogs in a hot car, I'd bet my left leg that the cops would give me a pass. And no one can say that they've never had their dogs out with them & had to stop unexpectedly & leave their dogs in the car (getting gas you have to turn your car off & the dogs will be in a hot car or you get a call from you SO to pick up milk on the way home from a hike or walk).

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 11:13am PST 
I've left the dogs in the car alone, but if someone was actually worried enough to leave me a note or message, I'd thank them for their concern.

It's not best practice to leave dogs in the car alone. I looked into getting a heat alert system like: http://www.rayallen.com/product/f_series_k-9_deployment_and_heat_ale rt_systems/K-9_Transport since we travel far quite often for leisure and for competition.

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 11:15am PST 
No one expects the ac to fail...but it happens. It takes mere minutes for temperatures to reach lethal levels. You say they're never left for longer than 10 minutes, but then go on to say if they are you check on them.
I have NEVER had to stop unexpectedly when I have dogs with me on hot days...ever. I will drop them off at home first. I don't answer my phone when I'm driving; we have huge fines for using handheald devices here.
And yes...if you knowingly break the law & think that a cop will give you a pass because of your good intentions, then you do think you're above the law. Emissions are contributing to global warming..and this summer is brutal enough already.shrug

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Bernadette- 02/05/04 - 09/25/08

Ripped out of my- family\'s arms- too soon

Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 1:56pm PST 
Please, do consider that things you don't think could ever happen can.

Engines fail, back ups can, too.

Don't be too quick to hate people that actually care about dogs. Isn't it better they care than if they don't? And be glad they called instead of putting a brick through your window.
way to go

I'm a Spirit- Warrior I WANT- LIFE!!!
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 4:00pm PST 
I rarely if ever leave my dogs in the car in this heat unless I'm running in to pay for fuel. However the other day I did call animal services when I came out of a Denny's and found a dog locked in a truck with out the engine running and all the windows up. It was over 100 degrees out that day and I didn't see even a portable water bowl in the truck. I know the engine wasnt running because the truck was parked next to the car I was driving. They sent an officer out right away but the people had already left when the officer got there
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