Best Dog Park in Surprise Arizona!!

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Want to find a dog park that is fun for you and your dog? Try the dog park in Surprise AZ on Bullard Rd. right behind the Surprise library.

There is an oasis of lush green grass and a huge lake with an abundance of ducks and fish. If you like to go fishing, there are plenty of fish that are supplied to choose from. If you want to have a picnic or barbecue, there are many covered benches to rest at and plenty of barbecue pits. There are basketball courts and an exciting children's playground area where they can have hours of fun!

There are beautiful winding walkways that leads you to the fenced off dog areas. There is one area for the smaller dogs and one for the larger ones. I have a very playful, loving, mischievous chocolate cocker spaniel so I go to the smaller one. As soon as we get to the gate, he gets so excited, that I can barely get his leash off fast enough! The dogs have a lot of fun getting to know one another. It is a huge grassy area for them to play in and there are exercise mounds and even a drinking area for them! The dogs run around and get to play and know one another. And you can have fun too getting to know other dog owners. You can find dog owners that sometimes give advice or get information about dogs that you didn't know about. The people constantly come to the dog park because it's so popular, so most everyone know each other and so do the dogs. You can sit at the covered benches so you wont bake in the Arizona sun and meet very interesting people. I usually bring my dog's favorite toy and play catch with him or sometimes he shares his toy with the other dogs and play with them. Your dog will get plenty of exercise running around stretching his legs and having fun and you will also benefit by walking which is good exercise while having fun!

So go to the Surprise dog park. You will have a doggone good time!

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