Traveling to the UK - Advise on Quarantine

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Barked: Thu Feb 23, '12 7:28pm PST 

I am possibly going to the UK this year some time to visit my aunt and cousins and I want to take jake with me since the trips duration will be a few weeks and feel that maybe easier on the both of us then a kennel.

What do you guys know about the UK's Quarantine? I hear there's some sort of "passport" that your dog can use but it completely confuses me.

Anyone traveled to england since the "passport" became active?

** edit**

Forgot to mention specifically we'll be flying into London and from there going with my aunt and uncle to their home.

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Barked: Thu Feb 23, '12 10:00pm PST 
the UK relaxed their quarantine regulations at the beginning of this year, 2012.

Because of it, if you are leaving from the states and have about a month in advance, you can complete all requirements for traveling to the UK without a holding period at arrival. You might even be pretty much prepared to travel now.

A few things to remember:
1) your dog much be microchipped, preferably with an ISO compliant chip. they don't recommend a specific chip, but if you don't have an ISO chip I recommend bringing your own reader to be certain.

2) your dog, after being fitted with a microchip, must have had a rabies vaccination with killed virus more than 21 days before entry. most adult dogs from the states will fulfill this already. Like if you have a 3 year rabies vaccine and he's one year into it, you're already fine to travel per the rabies requirement.

3) you have to treat your dog for tapeworm 1-5 days before entry.

4) you have to have official veterinary documentation.. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2011:343: 0065:0076:EN: PDF (page 73 - 78 of the pdf, delete any spaces) filled and stamped. You wouldn't need this if your dog was issued a Pet Passport, but those can only be issued within the EU.

5) you must travel to the UK on an approved route (not just any route is OK).

The entire list of rules is here:
http://www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel/pets/pet-ow ners/#a

Happy travels! The requirements sound much harder than they are wink

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Barked: Sun Feb 26, '12 7:36pm PST 
What Lilith said:

Make sure your SOI micorchip is inserted before getting the rabies vaccine.

Find out the process that DEFRA (the government agency) will use to confirm entry. This may entail having your dog taken to an inspection station half way from the airport on the way to London. You will have to pick your dog up there.

You must notify DEFRA that you are arriving with a dog. Email or phone (remember the time difference!) them and ask for whatever specifics they would like in advance. Be prepared to scan and email documentation to them.

Again - check that your route is a DEFRA approved route.

Otto has gone to the UK five times and has his sixth visit booked for the summer. He got his Pet Passport (while in the EU) and we've never had a problem. Just make sure you tick all the boxes and know the regs.

Have fun!

Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

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Barked: Sun Feb 26, '12 9:09pm PST 
Thank you for your responses.

Does he have to go in cargo? Or can he be up in the cabin with me?

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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 8:37am PST 
He will have to fly in cargo. Keep in mind that only ADI qualified program dogs are allowed to fly in-cabin to the UK.

I'd also STRONGLY suggest that you acclimate the dog to a moving, jostling crate prior to this trip due to his SA issues.
Otto - Registered- Service Dog

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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 3:00pm PST 
Jake, I cant address that since Otto was trained by a UK recognized school.
Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 4:16pm PST 
To Scooter:

I will have to do that. We're going to do a test flight to SD from LAX to see how he does. If he's too shaky afterwards we'll just drive back and he'll have to be boarded.

Jake's not from an ADA recognized school as he's a shelter dog so i would assume he wouldn't be able to ride in cabin but I just wanted to know. I left you a reply to your other comment in the service dog forum also.

Otto: That's cool your dogs from the UK.
Otto - Registered- Service Dog

ADI cert. - the only one- that matters!
Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 6:20pm PST 
Jake - Otto's Canadian. Our province requires a government ID, which Otto's school provides.

His school is a member of ADI (Assistance Dog International) which is recognized by the UK government. Good thing for us, since Granny is in England! I've spent the last five summers visiting Granny in the UK, and I'm going again this summer.cheercloud 9cheer

I love Granny!