Looking for a destination in the USA

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Barked: Sat Jan 21, '12 10:40am PST 

This is jake's mom. I'm an avid traveler and since i was 20 have not had a birthday at home. I enjoy going to all types of places. Far away from sunny CA. THis past year i went to vegas for my birthday since i turned 21 big grin. THis year for 22 I'm looking for a new location. Only one little thing has changed since turning 21. I saw the most adorable eyes looking at me in the animal shelter and i became a furparent. And with that added responsibility i have discovered traveling can be a bit risky.

I don't want to fly and i don't mind driving. Usually i take about 4-5 days off work for my birthday so driving to a new location isn't an issue. But I was wonder.

What types of places can you take your dog where you both can have a good time?

Jake's a beagle and has never been further then LA.

I considered vegas again but idk what i'd do with jake. So any suggestions?

*as for Lake Tahoe, we're going there this Christmas so jake can experience snow. So not Tahoe.


Thank you to everyone who's replied back. So many interesting places to think about.

I'm leaning towards Oregon. I'm just afraid to put Jake in a plane. Since he has to travel as a live animal in the cargo since he's a 30lb dog. I'm going to open another post in a second asking about flying.

but thank you all for your replies.

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Napa? I've heard there are some dog-friendly B&Bs there. big grin

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grand canyon?


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I was actually looking at this website earlier in the week! Maybe you could find something on their lists? http://www.petfriendlytravel.com/activities
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Depends on what you mean by having a good time.

Does it involve walks on paved trails, swimming, off leash, natural scenery, man made wonders, etc?

I'm always drawn to nature, hate the cities. I always wanted to go to see the giant redwoods.

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I hear that Oregon is very dog friendly & has awesome camping areas.

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Many national parks and monuments are not dog friendly with dogs only allowed in drive-in campgrounds, in parking lots and along paved roads but not on trails or in back country areas or in buildings.

Most of Oregon is very dog friendly but depending on the time of year you travel outside activities may not be pleasant and even driving places can be a challenge due to flooding, landslides and downed trees.
There are brew pubs that are pet friendly, pretty much any restaurant with outdoor seating that doesn't require walking into the restaurant to reach allows dogs, some shops allow dogs that can be carried.
All beaches are public and pet friendly. Dogs under voice control are allowed off leash on non-state park beaches. But ocean temperatures are too cold for swimming without wet suits.
Most state parks are pet friendly, the exceptions being ones where the trails are too dangerous for dogs and people to pass safely or the historic sites.
Oregon is pretty diverse: inactive and extinct volcanoes, almost year round skiing, beaches, whale watching, high desert, waterfalls, wineries, microbreweries, etc.
Mt. St. Helens in Washington is a nice day trip from Portland but is not dog friendly.

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There are even resorts now that are geared for dogs and their people. I saw a real nice one advertised that was on the beach... in what state darned if I can remember...maybe it was North Carolina (?)

Anyway it looked really cool. You have your own cabin and ofcourse there are miles of trails and the beach where the pups can be offleash.

I would personally never travel anywhere that I couldn't take my dog (decided that before I got her) and absolutely never would I fly my dog cargo. So that spot on the beach was definitely east coast because I was considering it... smile
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Arizona is really wonderful this time of year. I really like the mountains along the border with Mexico (south of Tucson) it's really rugged and beautiful, a totally unique ecosystem. Of course you have to watch out for shady characters in some places... it's an illegal immigrant corridor. Tucson is a fun town too.

Oregon is nice, but this isn't the time of year to visit, if I can speak candidly. Our summers are really awesome, not too hot, low humidity, but the winters are just one long slog of rain and mud and grey skies. Central and Eastern Oregon has more clear sky, but it's frikkin' COLD in winter. It's also probably more driving than you want to do in just 4-5 days, since it would take 2 days just to get here from LA.