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Barked: Thu Jan 5, '12 10:02am PST 
Hello all, just wanted to let you know about a new dog travel website that has launched in England, written from a dog's perspective. It's www.phileasdogg.com so please check it out and let us know what you think. There are some lovely photos of a dog dressed as Sherlock Holmes! Many thanks. JaneX
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Barked: Fri Jan 6, '12 5:52pm PST 
Cute, but not relevant if you're flying with your dog into the UK. The laws changed on 1/1/2012, but you still have to be in compliance. DEFRA is the government site to check so you are
1) allowed on your inbound flight
2) not stuck in quarantine
3) etc, etc, etc.

Know before you go. The site you mention may give some dog friendly advice for the places mentioned, but they won't get you on a plane landing in Gatwick!