St. Augustine

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Barked: Thu Aug 11, '11 5:57pm PST 
I am going to St. Augustine with my service dog and pet dog soon but I have a question before I go. I've already got a pet-friendly hotel booked because of my pet dog and I'm pretty sure most of the area is also pet-friendly but I'm wondering about the fort. Are pet dogs allowed to go into the fort? My service dog will obviously be fine to go in but I wanted to see if I could bring in my other dog, she is a small maltese. Any other tips for St. Augustine would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!

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Barked: Sun Aug 21, '11 8:11pm PST 
I love St. Augustine. Y'all will have a great time. But as for the other dog, I doubt they would allow him just because of the behavioral concerns about non-service animals, and it could be potentially dangerous to the historical site or the dog if it was not guaranteed in some way that the dog would behave. They obviously cannot deny a service animal, but any other animal I doubt they would risk. There are all sorts of chances for injury to an excited dog at such a place, as well as the entire grounds, as is most of the city, is just on top of mass graves, so no telling what a little digging from a naughty puppy could unearth. XD So I'm sure you could understand their concerns there once you see the place. I imagine your other dog is likely no less well behaved than your service dog, but I can see why they would feel the need to take the precaution. I'm not TOTALLY sure, they wouldn't allow it, though, I'm just making an educated guess based on what would make sense after having been there.

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Barked: Tue Aug 23, '11 9:00am PST 
I took my two dogs (pets) to ST. Augustine last year. We had a pretty good time, but really if I go again I won't bring them. My hotel was pet friendly but they informed me when I got there that I wasn't to leave them alone. So, we couldn't do much of anything the whole trip. Dogs are allowed on all streets in the city as well as the boat ride. I forget the exact name, but both dogs went on with us. I also found an outside restaurant where my dogs were accepted (although, some people sitting around us didn't seem to like the idea). The waitresses even brought them some water. We couldn't go in the fort with them, unfortunately.

Hope you have a great time!