International Travel w/our Frenchie

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Barked: Tue Jul 19, '11 9:58am PST 
Hey All,

We're hoping someone might be able help us. Originally I posted this in the French Bulldog forum but got no hits so I'm trying here. We love Playa Del Carmen, MX and we go there all the time. We would like to spend an extended period of time there but don't want to leave our frenchie at home (Chicago). Looking online it's hard to tell if he would fit under the seat on some of the airlines. He couldn't go in cargo because he's just not a robust guy. He's around 23 lbs and probably ave size for a frenchie. Has anyone traveled to Mexico from the US with their dog? Any recomendations on airlines? tips or tricks?


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Barked: Tue Jul 19, '11 11:16am PST 
I really doubt that a 20 lb dog will fit in the regulation-sized under-seat carrier.

Your dog will need to fit into a carrier approx. 18" x 11" x 11" comfortably.

It varies by a few cm through the different airlines but mostly this is the correct approximate size.

If your dog can't fit in this carrier, you must either travel with him as checked or cargo, but there are also embargoes against short-nosed breeds during certain months of the year due to poor heat regulation of these dog types.

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Barked: Sat Jul 23, '11 12:23am PST 
Lillith is correct on that. Also, 11" is the carrier height not the length. You also have to look at the weight limits some carriers impose.

Depending on how long you stayed, you'd have to find a vet down there who is eligible to issue the appropriate health certificates so you can return with the dog.