RUSSIAN RIVER AREAS for dog, looking for new places where dogs allowed

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Barked: Sat Jul 9, '11 12:47pm PST 
I am trying to find new areas that are on Russian River, beach areas….public access, away from roads…where I can run in and out of water or anywhere North that someone can think of where my owner and I can lay on the creek-side or whatever and he can sunbathe, swim and I can run free and get wet, bask in the sun as well.

Would appreciate any info, as summer is getting hot, would love an area to hang out in the water with my owner, a lot of the lakes don’t allow us in Marin County, or creeks, etc.etc. Only if on leash...which is lame.

Places where are not too deep etc. or you can walk in with a shore, aside from the beach, looking for more fresh water places now. Any places aside from Monte rio etc. the places that are away from 1,000’s of people. Even where my owner can go in the water….any ideas set me in the right direction please of where my owner can take me in that area? Even more north is fine, by Yuba River etc. etc.


I’m in Marin County area, Fairfax. My owner is a writer and also looking for new inspirational places.

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Barked: Sat Jul 9, '11 3:25pm PST 
If you find that spot, please share. I'd love to take Mikey to the Russian River. Just can't be on a beach with others, of course.

Like I suggested to Conker, contact The Chamber of Commerce and ask.

You might find something in the Forestville area or up in the Monte Rio area or something as you get closer to the ocean.

Have you checked out the beaches in the Bodega Bay area?