Having to fly Kenij The shiba inu

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Barked: Sat Jul 2, '11 11:16pm PST 
Due to my computer being hackied all my pics are gone. I've been a member for a while. But due to My hubbys familys health issues getting much worse in a short amount of time. We are having to fly my now 9 month old puppy.

I have a few questions to ask.

Do airlines feed and water dogs that are in flights 8+hrs? I'm asking this b/c my puppy could only get on a flight that doesn't reserve spots for dogs riding as cargo. OR is a 5 hr flight but he has to be there 4 hrs early so that is a total of 9hrs and I'm wondering if they are going to water and feed him.

also our flight is not on one plane. we fly to dallas tx and then from dallas to OR. so I'm wondering if he have to move him to the other plane or does the airline do it.

our flight is at 5am from alabama to tx and then 935am we fly from tx.

I'm just really nervous b/c I've never done this before and I'm just looking for some confort and some answers from your experiance.