San Diego or London? Any advice?

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Barked: Sat Jul 2, '11 8:50pm PST 
This might get long and I appologize

So I am currently in MN. I have my own 2 dogs, Dodger and Patch, who are 8 and 9 and husky mixes. I applied for several film schools to get a back up education in my love of screenwriting. I have also applied at many animal related jobs around the country.

Nothing had happened, until this week. San Diego job emailed me asking if I'd be interested in relocating and something about a phone interview so its a POSSIBLE job. I have friends in SD though and its highly dog friendly. I'd take my dogs along, at least, after a month and making sure it was a good fit.

The film school is in London. I assume its horribly hard, esp with older and large dogs, to get them overseas. Its only 1 year but here is the thing, they only choose 9 students each year based on writing samples. I was one of the 9. I feel like this is a amazing chance. It seems like an awesome school. it is expensive though

Here is the issues -- my dogs and I have never lived away from home, other than like 30 min away for a few months.

My dogs are my life. I find it hard to trust people enough to care highly for them. I don't know if I can live without them but at the same time, I don't want to live with a life of regret.

The job is only a maybe at this point. I don't even know how well, it would pay, if I could live off it etc.

Both places are doing phone interviews this week. If I do not go to London, I will be goin gthere on a trip for 3 weeks in the fall but must buy the tickets soon!

I need advice/help. I am overwhemled. I need to do whats best for my boys and me

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Barked: Sat Jul 2, '11 9:55pm PST 
If you decide on London, your best bet would be to leave them at home; they won't be able to go with you when you depart since it takes roughly 7 months to do everything for export. You have to: get the ISO compliant chip, rabies shots a certain interval apart, having the blood drawn (FAVN)a certain interval after the second shot, then the 6 month wait). Then there is the cost involved with shipping them over (as cargo) and then back (either cargo or checked baggage).

At their ages, it just seems like it would be more stressful to put them through a round trip plane ride) for just a few months of being with you.

As for picking between your options, I don't know what to tell you. It comes down to the question of how you deal with regret in general. I do know how it is to regret not taking that sort of opportunity, and yes, sometimes I still bang my head over it; that is why I say you have to (privately) examine how you handle a heavy dose of that emotion. KWIM?
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Barked: Sun Jul 3, '11 1:32am PST 
One year is more than a few months - IMO. So if your heart tells you London...

The laws will change here (we're here for a 'few months' at our other home...) on January 1, 2012, making them in line with the rest of the UE. The procedure will be chip, rabies and then you're good to go after 21 days. It's still being decided about the tapeworm treatment, but tick treatment will no longer be needed.

I'd you need to leave before 1/1/2012, you will need to wait the six
months. After January 1, it's a 21 day waiting period. Dogs must
still fly in cargo and I assume they will still be taken to an animal
inspection station - things haven't been spelled out about that yet.

Assistance dogs recognized by the UK government (reported as
those dogs trained by organizations such as Guide Dogs International or Assistance Dogs International) are allowed to fly in
the cabin.

Good luck. It's going to be a tough decision, but you went from no
choice to two!snoopy. You'll do what's right for all of you.

ETA: You can chip, vaccinate and do the blood draw all in the same day. The waiting period is less than six months now, since I
would imagine that on January 1, any dog that was chipped and
vaccinated at least 21 days before the New Year would be allowed in -
although I suppose it's possible that it will be January 21st...shrug

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Barked: Sun Jul 3, '11 5:42am PST 
thanks for the replies
i honestly think my dogs would go insane in quarintine, they are not used to being kenneled or away from family very long.
i will probably end up going with neither because even though i wanna live in london more than anything, i just have this feeling, something bad will happen when i am gone and san diego is not for sure so i can't go far on that yet, thanks though

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Barked: Sun Jul 3, '11 11:08am PST 
London is a great city, but quarintine sounds like it would be really tough.

San Diego, weather wise is optimal. Great weather year 'round and it's a very dog friendly town and ya can't beat the beaches.

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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 6:24am PST 
If your dogs are your life, go to San Diego. Shoot, it isn't that far from Hollywood, there must be film schools somewhere is Southern CA. Have you checked University of CA San Diego?

If you decide to go to London, I would plan on leaving the dogs behind, maybe even re-homing them if you are going to be gone too long.

In your shoes, I would go to San Diego, but you are the one who must live with the choice. Listen to your heart and your gut, make the choice that won't end with you wishing you had done it differently ten years later.

Good Luck.

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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 6:59am PST 
there is film schools in cali, which are more expensive and i applied to as well with no luck

i would never rehome them, they would stay with my parents while i was away, id hate myself even more if i rehomed them

no idea what i will do. school is calling today so i will ask some questions and see

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Barked: Wed Jul 6, '11 5:03pm PST 
You are lucky your parents will keep them. If you end up staying overseas, will they keep them for you, for ever?

Given that you have a safe, loving place to leave them,
Search your heart, don't make a choice you will always regret.(If the school is the chance of a lifetime, your dream...)hug
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Barked: Fri Jul 8, '11 7:29am PST 
Personally, I would go to London and leave the dogs with my parents. It would be a sacrifice, yes, but I think it would be well worth it for your future and the dog's.

This is something hubby and I have actually discussed. Hubby will be in a position to possibly transfer in the next couple years, and I'm pushing for living abroad for a bit. As painful as it would be, we would likely take Tanuk with us since he's so adaptable, Glacier would go back to his real dad, and the cats would stay with my parents due to medical needs that would be hard to meet abroad.