New England dog friendly camp grounds?

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Barked: Tue Jun 14, '11 2:41pm PST 
When I was kid we used to go to Barton Cove in MA. We always took Belle along, and based on the intermittent barking there was always another 3 - 5 dogs staying in the campground. We would let her off leash and no one cared, although that was 10 years ago.

It's fairly primitive in terms of facilities... It's tent camping only - no cars allowed in the campground after you've unloaded. There are three outhouse stations spaced out along the campground, one includes small shower stalls. It's not completely in the wilderness though, in the sense that you can see the neighboring campers through the woods.

There is a short nature trail hike that includes some fossils. The river it's on is a bald eagle preserve - canoeing is allowed and there are rentals available, you just can't land on certain islands. We used to take Belle along in the canoes too.

Barked: Thu Jun 16, '11 8:44am PST 
Hi -

WOW! Incredible timing. I just launched the dog-friendly campground pages at www.NewEnglandDogTravel.com. You have a lot of choices. The state campgrounds in Mass. allow dogs so it's a cost-efficient option. Enjoy your trip. If you send photos of your dog camping, I'll add them to the site.

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Barked: Thu Jun 16, '11 1:43pm PST 
I just send a bunch of photos of Pilsbury AND some of Long Beach in Rockport, MA, which is dog friendly during the Winter months. Nice site!!!


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Barked: Sat Jun 18, '11 9:24pm PST 
Convenient that you ask now, as my two uncles just opened a campground smile
It's in Webster, NH


It's not perfect yet, as they just opened Memorial day weekend and they didn't get as much work done as they wanted with our HORRENDOUS winter. They have Canoeing/Kayaking and a dog pond smile (as well as an arcade and other such human entertainment). I do know it is close to the Tilton outlets for Shopping and as it is NH I am sure you can find some hiking or other parks nearby. Actually going up there with D'artagnan tomorrow for Father's day so if you have any questions let me know!
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