Best Dog Friendly Travel Destinations

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Barked: Wed Jun 8, '11 9:02pm PST 
Hi Friends!

We're thinking of taking a quick road trip over a 3-day weekend. Do you have any suggestions for any good, dog-friendly travel destinations? We'd be originating from the Portland, OR area, but would always enjoy hearing about other locations that we could always go to on a longer trip. smile


How You Doin'?
Barked: Wed Jun 8, '11 11:49pm PST 
Cannon Beach is an obvious choice for a 3-day trip! Run on the beach for off-leash fun, access to several state parks for on-leash hiking.

Newport is another obvious choice. It also has several state parks plus it is close to Cape Perpetua just south of Yachats for on-leash hiking and whale watching. We sat on our hotel balcony and whale watched on our last trip with Chance.

Our neighbors camped at Detroit Lake over Memorial Day weekend with their dog, friends and their friends' dogs.

We've done a longer weekend a couple of times to Bend with Chance. There are some dog parks - one has swimming in the Deschutes.
Most of Newberry Crater National Monument is dog-friendly unless they have changed the rules though paw protection would be a good idea for some places and I doubt I'd try to take a dog hiking in the obsidian flow.
Smith Rock State Park is also a nice, on-leash place to go hike. And watch the rock climbers.

Most of our trips with her are either to the coast, Bend or Montana.

Barked: Sat Jul 2, '11 8:43pm PST 
I know San Diego and Denver are both highly dog friendly
Not sure how far they are though.