Question for those who travel with their dogs?

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I know I'm cute- rub my belly!
Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 6:42am PST 
Annie never poops on walks. She wont poop at the dog park either. Only in her home yard. She will pee where ever though often in excitement.

have passport,- will travel
Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 6:52am PST 
I have the same problem with our dog when we take her abroad. (Living in Greece we often take ferry to Italy then through Europe by road to UK). For that reason we use 8 hour ferry, but means a very long drive for us (the alternative is 22 hr ferry).
I am told you can get "pee pads" which encourage the dog to pee on them, has anyone experience with use of these?

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Tue Jun 7, '11 1:09pm PST 
Nicky and Paris are pretty good about letting it fly, even at rest stops. Nicky is weird at the dog park, though. He would not poop there at all, but last week he decided he needed to go and seemed pretty distraught about it. He ended up practically doing a handstand and pooping ON a tree trunk laugh out loud

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