Summer travel... please help!!

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Barked: Wed May 18, '11 2:30pm PST 
Hi, I am a graduate student from Italy, but living and studying in a US University since 2008. My doggy, Gwen, is a 9 years old min-pin, originally from Italy, who traveled a lot with me in the past (around Europe, the US and Puerto Rico). This summer, my husband and I will have to travel to Latin America for research, and we would like to bring with us Gwen. This is the schedule of our trip: at the end of June, we'll be leaving for Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we'll stay for a month. From there, we will go for 2 weeks to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and again, from there, we'll travel to Mexico City, where we'll stay for another month. We will basically stay away for 2 moths 1/2.
Now, we have already found the airlines that accepts pets in-cabin (that's where she always travels), and actually bought the ticket also for her. The problem is that now I'm staring worrying that maybe this trip will be too stressful for her (it will be a total of 3 flights, but each of them has a stop, so basically, the real flights are 6). Unfortunately, there is nobody here in the US that can take care of her for these 2 1/2 months (all my friends, grads students, will be also traveling around). The other option could be this: my mother is gonna come and visit me from Italy in a couple of weeks... Gwen could go with her to Italy, stay with her for the summer (she has already spent a summer in my mom's house 4 years ago, when I was traveling in Australia), and then, my husband and I could go to Italy and bring her back home to the US in September.
This is a very important decision, I really would like to do the best thing for her. I know she is VERY VERY attached to me and my husband, she always need a physical contact, and I am worried that she could suffer with my mom in Italy. At the same time, I really do not want to separate from her, she is my baby, and I would like her being with me. But I realize this could be a stressful trip for her(even though we'll stay a lot at home... we have rented an apartment in all the cities we'll be staying; hat I wanna say is that this is not a "trip" in the sense that we won't be traveling around at all... we'll go to archives and libraries, and then work on the material we've eventually found at home).
This is a big dilemma for me, and I would really appreciate some advice.
I apologize for this long -and chaotic- post, as well as for my bad English. I thank you in advance for your help!!!

Slick as Ice
Barked: Fri May 20, '11 9:25am PST 
It seems like she's a good traveler already, right? How does she do when her schedule is changed? Does she "go with the flow" so to speak? If so, as long as she's with you she'll probably be fine.

My dog on the other hand really has problems when his typical schedule changes, despite lots of traveling as a puppy. His behavior turns bratty and he seems depressed. So, for him I would leave him with my mother, who he absolutely adores.

It depends on your dog's personality really. I think once you've arrived at each destination it doesn't sound like it will be too chaotic. So if you think she could handle all of the little flights (which is sounds like she's used to) I think she can handle it. Dogs like her tend to prefer being with their people anyway, regardless of where those people go!

Good luck! way to go

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Barked: Fri May 20, '11 1:26pm PST 
I would look into quarantine rules in each of the places you are going. This could be a big factor. Also check with the airlines..many do not fly dogs in hot months due to the lack of temperature controls in cargo. Those would be my concerns...sounds like she is a veteran traveler & would love to go with you.
ETA..oops..just reread your post & saw she would travel in cabin with youway to go I would still check the quarantine laws though.

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