Leaving your dog outside stores/restaurants/etc

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Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 6:07pm PST 
Wouldn't it be nice if more places had "walk up" windows? The Oberweis in my neighborhood has this. You can walk up to the window which is on the sidewalk side of the store, and order there instead of going inside. They have outside tables where you can eat. I used to walk down there quite often in the summer with the dogs, although I always had another person along so we didn't really need to use the window because one person could hold the dogs while the other went inside. It was nice to have though! I don't usually go there anymore but if Starbuck or other places had something like that it would be great!
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 6:39pm PST 
mmmmmmmmmm... Now I want Oberweis!!! smile The Oberweis by me does not have a walk up window, but the Dairy Queens do smile yum yum!

I do leave the dogs in my locked car (depending on the temperature), but I do NOT leave them tied up anywhere. There's just too many what-if's out there. I might have a TON of fun riding a motorcycle without a helmet, and I could be perfectly fine- never have an accident, but the risk isn't worth it. That's the same way I see tying up dogs- you could go their whole life without something bad happening, but the risk just isn't worth it for me.

Where's that- rabbit?
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 8:41pm PST 
Milton applauseapplause

Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

What big ears- you have...
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 7:35pm PST 
Oh yeah we also have a Dairy Star which is like a cross between a ice cream place and a hot dog stand so it's ALL walk-up! But they only have soft-serve so we were very excited when the Oberweis moved in smile
H, my angel- in heaven.

Barked: Wed May 4, '11 8:10pm PST 
I wish Starbucks had a walk up window because I go there a lot and then walk to the beach with Hydee. It sucks having to come back home to get her. The drive thru windows hand out treats to dogs though. I wonder if they do that everywhere?

I think I would be more comfortable leaving a dog tied outside if I lived in one of those small towns where everyone knew each other. Heck, a lot of small businesses in those places don't even care if the dog goes inside with their owners.

Not in the city though.. too many crazy people.

Veni Vidi Nom
Barked: Wed May 4, '11 9:22pm PST 
I can agree with the risks thing but I think it's up to each person to take the risks they're comfortable taking. My yard has no fence. I wish it did but I'm not going to leash my dog every time he goes out. I just supervise him in the yard. I also walk him offlead whenever I can. It's a risk but I trust his recall enough and feel it enriches his life enough to justify the risk. I spent a lot of time on recall to justify this risk.

That being said, I wouldn't leave my dog tied up outside in public. It's not a risk I'm willing to take. I will leave him in the car on the rare occasion that the weather allows it (it's hot where I live) if it means I can take him with me somewhere when I otherwise wouldn't be able to. Someone could break into my car to steal him but that's a pretty small risk and in the car he won't be harassed by casual passerbys.

I won't criticize people who choose to leave their dogs outside while they go into a store. If they feel safe doing it and it's risk they're willing to take, more power to them. I know many people would never in a million years do some of the things I do with my dog because they do pose a risk. I think the more experiences you can give your dog the better but you have to draw a line somewhere and the line is in a different place for everyone.

Super Silver- Service Spoodle
Barked: Thu May 5, '11 7:41pm PST 
Oh this is my pet peeve! As a service dog handler, I take my dog with me everywhere. Far too often the entrance to a place I need to go is blocked by one or more dogs tied up without an owner-- or even worse, I exit a building only to be unexpectedly confronted by dogs with no human present. Not only is this scary, but it can also be very dangerous. We've had more encounters than I can count with dogs tied outside of stores who become aggressive when my service dog tries to pass. Nowadays we don't even try! We usually will just not go to that store, go in another entrance, or we call the police if the dog is aggressive or if we know the dog has been there too long (eg some people tie their dogs outside a building while they go to class for an hour or two). I even cross the street rather than pass these unattended dogs taking up the sidewalk if I am walking somewhere.

For those who say my dog would never do that, how can you be so sure? If you aren't there with your dog, how do you know what your dog is doing? Often dogs react differently without their handler present, and if they are anxious or worried about their human, they may take it out on an unsuspecting passing dog who needs to squeeze by to get into or out of a building.

Also, I think it is not very nice to people whose religions say they have to go through a cleansing if they touch a dog or to people who are really fearful of dogs. How do you know your dog doesn't brush up against them or approach them and make their lives much more difficult? If someone is really fearful of dogs, they also may be like me and unable to pass an unattended dog (especially one making any sort of noise or taking up part of the sidewalk or blocking doors).

I would encourage everyone who wants to tie their dogs up outside to simply leave your dog in the car when you go in somewhere, or leave your dog at home if you will be going places that don't allow dogs. Or visit only dog-friendly places. I know there are many coffee shops and restaurants out here that are happy to send someone out to take your order and bring your stuff to you. Another option would be if you are with someone else, have one person stay with the dogs to manage them in case someone needs to pass by.
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Thu May 5, '11 8:33pm PST 
The only times I have done this in the past (very rarely in the first place) were where it was not a high traffic area; only in an out-of-the-way place where people would NOT come in contact with my dog (or go anywhere near them for that matter) to approach any building entrances; and during a time and in a location where I would be surprised if anyone ever even walked past them in the time I was gone.

Basset Hound- with a Flatty- suit on
Barked: Wed May 11, '11 10:02am PST 
Nooooooooooo. Nonono. Apart from the fact that I'd be afraid he'd hurt himself (thanks, SA!) I'd be so scared someone would take him. I have so many people come up to me asking about him that I'd be too worried. He's smallish and has a friendly retriever face. I would never want him to be stolen! It doesn't happen much here, but it's still POSSIBLE. To me it's kind of like if they didn't allow toddlers in stores so you left yours outside in its stroller. How many people would do that?

I'm super paranoid already though. I have to take Abner along most places because of the SA. When I leave him in a car somewhere new I start convincing myself someone has poisoned him and I've killed Abner and it' all my fault. Has anyone read "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers? Well, there's this one part where he gets a babysitter for his kid brother so he can go out into the city since he never does that and once he gets to the bar he is CONVINCED that the babysitter has already chopped Toph up and put him in the bathtub or something, and it's ALL his fault for going out and he should have never trusted a vegetarian to watch Toph. ....I get exactly like that. I really do.
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