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Coming into the Country for the First time!

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Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 4:23pm PST 
Hello Guys,

I wish to bring my cocker spaniel from Cuba to the USA at the end of May. The problem she won't handle the trip well so I want to get tranquilzers for her. Problem is I am having difficulty finding sedatives for my dog. She is a 25 pound Cocker spaniel. She is a nervous dog so I am hoping I can work this out. Given the embargo in Cuba, I couldnt find anything over there ( i spent about 2 months).

I am curious if anyone has suggestions.

And hello to everyone on Dogster! I look forward to being a part of the community. smile

Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 4:24pm PST 
By the way, the flights will be:
2 hour flight to the central airport in Cuba. 2 Hour Flight to Miami and 5 hour flight to San Francisco (with layover depending on Customs checks).

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Barked: Fri Apr 29, '11 6:57am PST 
It is actually against DOT/FAA regulations for airlines to accept tranquilized pets for transport since the drugs can affect not only their breathing, but their ability to self regulate their body temperatures. If you do sedate the dog and manage to get it on the plane without the airline knowing, if something happens, it's going to be on you and not them.

Also, at the end of May, you will be paying attention to the weather. The summer heat embargo officially starts June 1 for most airlines, but is also in effect any time the temp is 85 or above.