Tethering for Camping

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Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Mon Apr 18, '11 3:06pm PST 
We are going on a week long camping trip in the mountains in just under 3 weeks, and the camp ground has a rule that dogs must be on a leash/tether at all times when outside of the tent.

Well, we have 3 dogs going with us...my service dog plus two pets. The idea of having them leashed (as in leash in hand) all the time is just not reasonable, we thought we'd tether them (with harnesses, not to collars) when we're at the camp site. Now, never will they be unattended. It's just for when we are all hanging out at the campsite.

I don't have any idea as to what they best, affordable (ie cheap) way will be to rig a tethering system for them will be as we've never done this before. Does anyone have any ideas?

Barked: Mon Apr 18, '11 4:42pm PST 
Rope tied taught a round a tree with Carabeaners. Clip the Carabeaner thing to the rope and the handle of the leash. Put a dog crate or bed and food and water. And the dog has a run......... I put rope about 3 feet up. So the dog can still lay down.... put each dog far enough away from the other so that they cannot get tangled.
Rico Suave

Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 5:18am PST 
when we used to go camping with all of our dogs. my two rico and dalila and my brothers dog a chow chow mix we used to tie each of the bigger dogs to ends of the picnic table its more into the camp site and normally not going to move if they decide to pull or try and chase down that chimpmunk. i found it worked better in the case of the a rope around a tree we had the rope come un done when a dog got too excited and a lead wrapped around the leg of the table didnt.plus they were where the action was alll the time. that is what worked for us. I think its at times a trial and error depending on how the camp site is set up.


I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Wed Apr 20, '11 7:55am PST 
I'd bring a good sized stake tie-out for each just in case the trees aren't convenient or will be too far from the people. The large cork screw type things appropriate for the weight of the dog. Last summer I bought the whole set up for under twenty bucks for my one dog. The tie out line was very strong metal cable and plastic coated so that it wouldn't get chewed up on edges, helps if things get wet. Lu was quite large and was really rambunctious at the time and it still worked great.

I also rigged up a homemade hands-free leash that went around my waist. Lu was still in that bouncy puppy phase at the time, and the campsite got frequent visitors, so that really helped work on greetings. I didn't want her jumping on random people coming to say hi. That also helped me when carrying things and doing chores, she was happy to be by my side, and I could use both hands. We both needed the focus heel practice, turned out to be a bonus!

(With a SD I know you don't have those problems, that's for anyone else reading this that might have the same puppy issues to deal with that I did. Camping was a great chance for us to stay close and learn how to work well together.) Have fun! big grin