Festival transport. Long walking day-transport options?

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Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 6:06am PST 
There is a Kinetic Art Race in Baltimore. The artwork travels many miles to the different venues. Parade, water course, and an obstacle course. China is 40 lbs, black (absorbs heat) with heavy fur. She also has very short legs. Last year, she could not keep up in the heat. I am thinking of getting a wagon or, even, a child's stroller for when we have to walk a mile to get to a new venue. I thought there might be some suggestions for this.
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Barked: Fri Apr 22, '11 3:18pm PST 
I would suggest a pet stroller perhaps? Pet Gear makes some nice ones that fit larger sized dogs.
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Barked: Fri Apr 22, '11 4:27pm PST 
What about a swamp cooling vest?

If she is kept cooler, she might last longer.