I need some advice ( pet friendly motels and hotels)

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Barked: Sun Apr 24, '11 11:48am PST 
Have you tried checking the travel sites like Travelocity for hotels? They usually have a search option under 'advanced search options' to look for pet friendly hotels. Have you tried petswelcome.com?

I have traveled to many places with big dogs and had no problem finding dog friendly hotels that do not charge a fee, although sometimes it takes a little extra searching...

I always make sure to check the hotel's website, and then I will call the hotel to make reservations and double check they don't have any restrictions because sometimes online it just says "pets allowed" but if you call they sometimes have silly restrictions like "only dog under 10 pounds allowed"!
Some places I've stayed with my Golden Retriever Ginger included Best Western, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Clarion, Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Ramada, Residence Inn, Red Roof Inn, and Days Inn.
These chains may have different policies for different hotels, so some locations may only allow small dogs or not allow dogs at all so it is always a good idea to call and check.

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La Quinta is a great one! Most of them do not charge a fee or have restrictions, though a few do. We always stay at La Quinta when we stay at a hotel (normally hurricane evacs) and I have 3 big ones.

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Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 5:03pm PST 
I work in the travel agency business and a ton of hotels at least in our area are pet friendly. Some charge a pet fee per night or for the stay. LaQuinta is a pet friendly hotel, they all take pets it is required and they are not suppose to charge a fee for them. That is the hotel I alway suggest when I book people in town.

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Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 6:24am PST 
Courtyard by Marriott is a place to avoid. Even if you think you have reservations including the dog, they are likely to refuse to honor the reservation, threaten you with a room-cleaning charge if you do manage to get into the room for a few minutes before they realize you really have the dog you included in the reservation with you, and be rude and arrogant about it.

Here's Gina Spadafori's account of her experience. Bear in mind that this is as part of a major book tour, with reservations at Courtyard by Marriott all across the country. Marriott is the official host hotel of the tour, and Marriott corporate promised that there would be no problems about McKenzie accompanying them.
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Holiday Inn has always worked for us in a pinch. Even when our central air went out two summers ago. It was too hot to stay and wait for the crew to finish so we packed the pups up and headed to the only hotel I could find info on in my city. I wasn't sure about Holiday Inn [I'd never stayed at one before], but they were excellent.
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Barked: Thu Apr 28, '11 11:56am PST 

Some LaQuintas do have breed restrictions and some do have a number restriction as well as size restrictions. The one closest to me doesn't thankfully (where we try to go for hurricane evacs) but others, like one in Mobile, AL do have the restrictions. I have 3 dogs, and they have a limit of 2 and a size limit of under 100 lbs. Luckily, my 115 lb big boy is my service dog so he's exempt from any pet limits/restrictions...a fact I HAD to prove to them and they weren't too happy about.

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Barked: Fri Apr 29, '11 10:18am PST 
Due to the weather-related issues in TN & GA - we have no power or water so are staying at the Residence Inn downtown - they were very welcoming when we arrived; however, when we called they were not as friendly when we mentioned "2 adults & 2 dogs" Also - they did put us on the 3rd floor, and never in my life did I ever invision being in a situation of shoving a 116 lb. malamute in a tiny elevator!
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Kenji, we are traveling across country this summer to Portland as well and we are staying a La Quinta all whole way. They are very dog friendly!! way to go
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