Bichon family/Small Poodles and RVing

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Barked: Sun Mar 20, '11 4:58pm PST 
We're retired and doing research on the best dog for our new life style. A life style that, if everything works out, will include a fair amount of time in a Class B RV. We've narrowed our searches down to Miniature Poodles or a member of the Bichon family; Havanese, Bichon Frise, Bolognese, Colon Du Tulear, Maltese, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which of those breeds might work best. We've learned that some Mini-Poodles are a bit high strung and "barky." Don't have any problem with a "hello" Bark, but incessant warnings could be a problem. We are pretty experienced owners, have trained before, love dogs dearly but don't put up with nonsense, we want a good citizen family member. But we don't want to set ourselves up for constant training and retraining for some sort of chronic characteristic that is characteristic of the breed.