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Barked: Tue Mar 15, '11 2:05pm PST 
My husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary soon!! We are from San Francisco and are looking to spend our anniversary at a cabin or bed & breakfast outside of the San Francisco Bay Area with our 11 month old lab, Butters!

I'm looking around a 3-4 hour drive outside of SF, but not so far as the snow in Tahoe. Has anyone had any success in locating such place with a nearby off-leash dog area for Butters to play? Or even a website that can make this search easier for me? :p


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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 4:51am PST 
Hey Butters,
I went to Carmel once with my family and we stayed at a very nice Inn. Check this out: http://www.vagabondshouseinn.com/ The beach in Carmel is also dog-friendly. Defo a recommendation. smile

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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 12:39pm PST 
Mendocino. It's stunning and very dog friendly. There are a few good places that allow dogs and I'm sure you could find somewhere for your pup to run around. I don't know about beaches though.

I think AAA magazine had an article on dog friendly get aways a few months back and they listed some Mendocino places.


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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 6:55pm PST 
West Sonoma County. Lots of beautiful little towns and good wineries, a couple of which are dog friendly. Sebastopol has an off leash dog park and several of the beaches around Bodega Bay allow dogs.

ETA: Here's a link for you that lists dog friendly places in Sonoma Co: http://sonomabark.com/

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Barked: Wed Mar 16, '11 7:37pm PST 
I second Carmel. We went there a couple months ago and it's very dog friendly. We even stayed in a hotel right on the beach So many people have dogs even beaches that aren't technically dog beaches allow off lead dogs.

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Barked: Thu Mar 17, '11 9:51am PST 
I'm with Sonoma County! I lived in Healdsburg for a little while, which has a GREAT dog park and a dog-friendly plaza, great pet boutiques (You'll want to look up Fideaux), and a dog friendly seating area at the Bear Republic Brewery. You can also walk along the river and take your dog there too! The people there are all proud dog parents too!

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Barked: Thu Mar 17, '11 10:41pm PST 
All good suggestions, but i have to go with Sonoma County. I live here, so I may be biased. Dillon beach has off-leash beach fun time. I've never been, but I know people who go all the time. I'm constantly at the Sebastopol dog park. It's nice there. It's only a half acre, but it's clean. CLEAN. Do you know how much that means to me?? Then there's tons of gorgeous hiking, of course. Lovely wineries. And the suggestions for Healdsburg are spot-on too. =D Of course, it's not all that far away, but it's pretty and will save you on gas! I can't think of a B&B or cabin offhand, though.

http://www.dogfriendly.com/server/travel/uscities/guides/ w/cities/wonlinecityCASonoma_Wine_Country.shtml

Lists some hotels and lodgings in general. I could try to make more concrete suggestions if you are actually interested in Sonoma County. =D It might just take a little searching. Occidental is always nice though, and it sports my favorite breakfast spot everrrrr: Howard's!

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Barked: Sun Mar 20, '11 11:04am PST 
Thank you so much everyone!! cheer

@Chester: Thank you!! I just checked out some dog-friendly places and found both the beach you mentioned and a 4500-acre ranch with trails for off-leash dogs to roam. I'm SO excited, I think Carmel is going to be it for us! We'll definitely look at that Inn and compare it with a few we found in the area. I can't wait, Butters will be just as happy as my husband & me! cloud 9

@Mikey: I checked out destinationmendocino.com and the site definitely had me intrigued after you suggested it. When I compared it to doggoes.com, it showed that many of the places were on-leash only - of course with a few being off-leash which is great for us. I think this one is 2nd to our plan to go to Carmel smile Thanks for the advice!

@Gizmo: This is awesome! We will definitely check those places out for day trips in the near future. We were thinking of venturing out a little farther since we used to live a bit east of there before - but again the recommendation is perfect for a next doggy day applause Can't wait for Butters to explore there!

@Fenrir: WOW! What an awesome photo!! What hotel is that? Our first choice is Carmel, so we're starting to check out the dog-friendly areas and book soon.

@Sassafras: We will definitely check out Sonoma county on a 2nd doggy day trip since we used to live near that area and are looking for something new smile My husband and I have never been to Carmel before, so it's definitely our top choice for our first year wedding anniversary! Thanks for the co-sign on wine country!!

@Abner: Thank you for the off-leash suggestions! Those will be my first visits when we do a Sonoma trip this summer smile I can't wait and hopefully we get to see you while we're there! Since you live there, I'll be adding you so we can have a doggy date whenever we get the chance smile Thanks for the link too - we'll definitely be looking into dog-friendly accommodations because there's no way we can fit it all in one day wink