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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 10:36am PST 
I will have to do a quite long road trip to pick up Annie when I get home. Does any one have any experience doing a 2 day road trip with a dog in a car? Would you rather just fly? The problem I have is its going to be late May/June when I have to get from California to Dallas. If I fly that means I will have to be real cautious of the weather as airlines wont allow you to fly if its over 84degrees at any point along the way. And Dallas in May/June is always hot. I am kind of torn. If I drive thats 2 days in a car with a dog that has never done more then a 2 hour road trip. It seems that either way it is going to be a pain.

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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 10:56am PST 
We did a road trip with the dogs from PA to CA, it took about a week.

They did fine.. slept most of the way. They had their seat belts and got potty breaks every few hours and good new chews overnight at the hotels.

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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 11:35am PST 
We took a 9 day cross country road trip last May/June. It was Ava's first true road trip, although she was pretty much used to being in the car as I take her everywhere with me anyways, provided the weather isn't too hot.

Her main profile pic is actually from the road trip.. and that's basically what she did the whole 9 days. Slept. Although most of the time she was underneath the bed (it's a conversion van).

We'd stop every couple hours at a rest stop to let her out and give her a good romp and play to stretch her legs and calm her boredom. Most rest stops have specific areas for dogs to walk around and do their business, but for the ones that didn't we skirted the edge of the property, and stayed as far from the building as possible (well, without going back into the road, of course).

We stocked up on bottled water, bringing way more than we needed (good to pack more than you need just in case) and I put a shallow cup in a cup holder to give Ava access to water whenever she needed. I also kept her on her normal feeding schedule.

All in all, I think Ava was much LESS stressed on the road trip than she was on the plane. I think most dogs would be, as planes are so much louder and scarier than cars, not to mention in a plane your dog has to be separated from you unless it can fit in a carrier under the seat. Also in cars you have the option to stop and go for a potty break and stretch your legs. No such option in the plane. Well, good luck with whatever you choose. smile

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Barked: Tue Feb 22, '11 2:55pm PST 
I would definitely do the drive over a plane. I won't fly my dog unless I absolutely have to. I just think that'd be way more stressful than driving. I haven't done any major long trips with all 3, but I've learned a lot along the way. You definitely want to make sure you're dog is as comfortable and safe as possible, which for my guys means crates. They are all very used to riding in the crate and are definitely most comfortable in them. Quincy rides up front with me if I am traveling by myself, he is a very good front-seat dog, and while I don't like the added risk, I am a 19-year old girl. I like having a big dog up front when I'm traveling and stopping into rest stops, etc. I know that if push came to shove, Quincy would be game. He hasn't had to yet, but his bark alone is fierce enough to make people think twice. Anyways, I always make stops for potty/water breaks and a small walk, maybe even a ball game on a flexi to relieve some tension and stretch out. For Riley, I also redose Rescue Remedy and dramamine for his car sickness/anxiety. For the most part I've only tent-camped with my guys, but it's important to make sure they are all crate/x-pen trained and QUIET in them. Makes traveling much, much easier if you have a safe place that they can go away for a bit, or a spot that they can sleep at and feel comfortable in a hotel. Try and keep feeding schedules pretty close, and otherwise just keep them as comfortable as possible. Some dogs do great on road trips, others need some help. Best of luck!

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Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 3:58pm PST 
We just took Riley on a road trip from CT to northern Maine - 10 hrs in the car and he gets car sick. We gave him Dramamine before leaving but it caused his heart to beat fast and him other breath quickly. It really scared us which stressed him out. On the way home we didn't give him any and he slept for most of the trip without getting car sick. I would say if you CAN do the roadtrip at least your dog will be close to you rather than in the belly of a plane.
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Barked: Fri Feb 25, '11 9:28am PST 
I've gone everywhere in cars with my pooches. 5 to even a week road trips, and they get used to it. Truthfully, I'd be more nervous having my dog in an airplane with me, I've heard bad things.. confused
You just have to stop now and then to let your dog have a pitstop, but my dogs never got carsick.

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Barked: Fri Feb 25, '11 3:18pm PST 
I travel for up to a month with my dogs (max 3 per trip). Potty stops every 3-5 hours, water available in motion, busy toys for them to play with while riding and, water enough for the trip from home, or store bought bottled - NEVER free running or local water supplies. If they are on a diet that is not widely available, you will want to pack all of the food as well.

And a potty stop does not mean out, pee, get back in the car, it means out, pee, poop, play, pee some more, play more, then back in the car (20-30 minute stop)
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Barked: Fri Feb 25, '11 4:27pm PST 
We would drive from TX to PA once a month for about a year. It was 23 hours and we did it in 2 days. Turner is the best road dog!! He knew when we stopped he did his business, stretched and walked a bit and we hit the road. When we stopped at the hotel he would get overly excited because he knew he always got a new toy! We would make it to the hotel around dinner time. That way we could go for a few walks, playtime in the room and get a good nights sleep before the next day of driving. It's not hard to do, we loved using our satellite radio and had some great concerts along the way! happy dance I refuse to fly - I might miss something along the way on the road. Like the stationwagon with the 500 pound pig in the back!! shock Honest! Got a picture somewhere to prove it. The driver looked over and smiled is only tooth grin at us!! It was hysterical!!