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BAD Car accident!

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Barked: Mon Dec 28, '09 6:08pm PST 
I forgot to mention that I drove cross country and back in my element. On the way out there it was me, 2 other people, 4 dogs and camping gear for all of us. The car was packed and I had a large cargo carrier on my roof rack. On the way back it was just me and my 2 dogs and all my camping stuff. It was much more comfortable on the way home. The girls were both in harnesses. The best part was the seats lay back flat so I didn't have to sleep in a reclining position. If back of the car hadn't been full, I could have taken the headrest off the front seat and layed it down then layed the back seat down and I would have been able to use it like a cot. Still I was able to sleep on my side in the front seat. Just cover the front windows and you have a fairly private place to sleep at the back windows are tinted. I just closed blankets or towels in the top of the doors to cover the windows and still able to open them a little for ventilation. Toward the end of the tip I didn't cover the front side windows as much. I was gone for a month, 3 weeks to get back alone, with a 1 week stop in ohio. I'm very happy with my 2005 element and wouldn't trade it for anything else except a newer element.

My previous car was a 1994 mercury sable wagon. Sophie hated it and I'd have to use treats to get her to get in it. Now I just open the door to my element and she'll jump in, even if she is running in the yard. This car is definately hers.

Just before I got my element, my mom got a 2009 LX. I have a 2005 EX. Mine has the moon roof which was great to let air in while sleeping, her's does not. Mine has map lights and satelite radio and her's doesn't. That is because she got the basic model that didn't have many of the extra features and mine is the one with the extras. I'm not sure if the 2009 have moon roofs though. I like it even though it is all the way in the back.

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Barked: Mon Apr 2, '12 3:30am PST 
the main think is that the you and your children were safe so that don't worry anyone must help you in finding a car...don't worry
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