Bringing a dog to the USA, quarentine?

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Von, The Great- Gecko Chaser
Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 3:05am PST 
I know that here in Hawaii that dogs from rabies free countries do not have to be in quarentine, but dogs from the mainland have to be quarentined for up to 120 days if they don't have health cert. , Vac. up to date and rabies titers.

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Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 5:51am PST 
The other issue that may or may not be at stake is how the dog will handle the long absence of the owner. I know I could never take a vacation of more than 10 days as Dante would stop eating, stop playing, etc. 10 days was the absolute longest I could be absent.

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Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 11:26am PST 
There is no quarantine to enter the mainland USA. You will need a 10 day health certificate to fly. Newman flew from Seattle, WA to Frankfurt, Germany by way of Chicago when we moved overseas. He did amazing in the crate and when we picked him up at customs and finally let him out, he had not done a thing in there! When Dh took him out to pee, he made quite the puddle!laugh out loud

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Barked: Tue Aug 13, '13 9:08pm PST 
I brought my dog from the United States to Australia. It cost me $10,000 plus dollars and took 8 months to organise it as Australia is a mostly disease free country (opposed to the USA which has everything under the sun). The quarantine in Australia is a minimum of 4 weeks and it is very hard on the dog. The dog stays in a kennel and is not allowed to be walked unless you pay for a dog walker additionally. You are only allowed to visit for 1 hour and visitation is only once a week. It is absolutely worth is if you intend to live here in Australia but not worth leaving Australia for a holiday in the USA and returning. I go back to the USA once a year for at least a month. I hire a dog sitter for the entire length of stay where my gorgeous dog is treated as their own dog.
So I know this thread is old but I hope this is of use to someone
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