Excessive panting in the car?

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My special- little guy
Barked: Sat May 12, '07 1:11pm PST 
Now that it's getting to be summertime in NC, the temperature will begin to skyrocket. My car has a thermostat that keeps the temperature constant (this is my first car that does that, so forgive me if everyone is saying "duh!"). Last night, we drove about 100 miles from Raleigh to Fayetteville, and the whole time, Tucker was panting. Even though we left after 7 pm, I still kept the temperature set at 68. He was still panting. Of course, he did have water next to him, but he didn't drink it.

Is this normal behavior on a roadtrip? I guess I need to start carrying a towel on our trips.

Happy happy joy- joy
Barked: Sun May 13, '07 1:29pm PST 
Oh, yes. All three of our dogs pant all the time in the car. They pant no matter what the temperature is. If it doesn't bother your dog's ears (or yours) you could open a window. Does your dog drool in the car? Kayla does, and Laika gets really car sick, even on two minute drives to the vets. But I wouldn't worry about the dog's panting. Just make sure you have something to protect your car's interior!

Barked: Tue May 15, '07 1:11am PST 
I have the same problem with Ollie, i do a lot of travelling (4 1/2 hr trip to visit family) and until he was around 4mths old he would curl up and sleep - perfectly relaxed. He then started to get quite stressed when in the car - panting and shaking. I found out that he was possibly feeling car sick. He's not completely cured but this is what i found has helped 1. I started taking him on small trips with me just around town etc and driving him to parks and to the beach for his walks- so the car could mean something fun not just a long journey 2. Before a long journey i take him for a long walk so he is worn out when he gets in the car and goes straight to sleep 3. i put his bed on the seat so he sits higher and can comfortably see out the window when he's sitting or lying down 4. I stop at least once so he can have a run around