how do you post stuff on dogster

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Barked: Thu Sep 19, '13 4:42am PST 
I would like to post pictures of my dogs, and can't find a way to do it
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Barked: Fri Sep 20, '13 6:36pm PST 
Do you mean post in groups and forums ?

If so I will put the "How To" here

If you mean add pics to your page go to the photo manager in your Account.

How To post photos to the Forums and Groups

Start a new "tab" on your browser. copy and paste this link


jonradchenko Hover Link site

(If you are going to do Hover links and they are addictive, copy that url to your Favourites !)

THEN open an account on Photobucket ( http://photobucket.com/ )or the like and upload your photo you want to link to the message. When it has uploaded ... you will see 4 links shown below it.Get the DIRECT CODE link.

Copy and paste it in the LINK box on the above url (jonrad etc) and add the Link Desciption
e.g Wombat !

Click on Get Forum Code

Copy and Paste the code that appears to the message you are sending in the forum or pmail (yes they work on that too !)

Once you post to the forum (or pmail) all you will see is the Link Description (e.g. Wombat )

Hover the cursor over that link.. and the photo appears !! To save it to your computor (if someone sends you one) Right click.. SAVE AS ....