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Lookin' Pretty
Barked: Thu Feb 4, '10 6:54am PST 
You said you were filming, but didn't mention what city or state the filming was taking place in. Not sure whether to apply or not because we don't know where you are located, and we can't afford to fly somewhere for filming. confused

That's not a- pig. That's just- Lunchbox.
Barked: Thu Feb 4, '10 6:46pm PST 
We can take some time away from the couch for a day. Maybe.

Dog’s and/or Cat's Name: Lunchbox
Breed: English Bulldog
Age: almost 1.5 years
A picture of you with your pet(s): Not sure how to via response, but there's a lot of us together in the profile
Your location: RI
Your Contact info: Message me for this
Your availability from 2-10 during the week (we'll need you for 20-30 minutes): We have nothing but time. Are we getting paid for this? Or at least a burrito or something?

Do you prefer cats or dogs and why?? Do you loathe one or the other -- explain? why is the cat or dog the superior pet?

I prefer dogs to cats anyday, I don't want to earn my pet's love, I want it unconditionally. (hyuck hyuck) But seriously, dogs are loyal and true family animals. A dog comes when called and cares about you. Cats are pure evil beneath those cuddley Mr. Whiskers facades, from the way they lurk around the house killing things and leaving the corpses on your doorstep because they feel they're better at providing food than you are, the way they declare ownership/property dibs on YOU when they rub against you with their scent glands, the way they copy snakes to scare off potential threats. Snakes. SNAKES, one of they few animals that can reduce Stone Cold Steve Austin to the equivalent of my little sister. If there's an intruder breaking into the house, the dog will bark and maybe attack--defend his family. If you have a cat, it'll probably hang out and watch, licking himself or something. A cat is like those girlfriends every dude has horror stories about. You buy them things, put a lot of love and time and effort into them, making sure they're happy, and you get nothing in return. Fluffy little sociopaths.

...I sounded way more passionate on the subject than I actually am. Sorry cat people, all for laughs.

Does your pet do any funny tricks? She does a pretty mean impersonation of a pig.