DOTD ..It's me and on my birthday!!

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♥- Ginger- ♥- R.I.P

It's go time!
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 6:54am PST 
Thank you Dogster for choosing me as DOTD. dancing WOOOOO HOOOOO, I am so stoked DOTD and on my birthday snoopy. Thanks to my friends Ralphie, Crystal and Walker for the congrats. THE BEST DAY EVERparty
☆Maxie- ☆- R.I.P.

Have ball will- travel
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 6:56am PST 
I'm Ginger's big sister and I am so happy for her!happy dance
☀- Chloe- ☀

It is all about- me
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 7:00am PST 
And I am Ginger's little sister Chloe. The happy dance is startinghamster dance. As you can see Mom is really excited wink

Buddy "Sweet- Angel"

Please- Opt to- Adopt
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 10:40am PST 
cheer Congratulations Ginger! cheer

party party HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! party party

Macho Man!
Barked: Fri Jul 10, '09 1:27pm PST 
Congrads Ginger, I'm sure you are deserving and what a gift to receive on your birthday. Have a great birthday and I hope you get lots of treats. Love Maxwishes

Barked: Thu Jul 16, '09 7:33am PST 
congrats on dog of day, ginger!
and happy birthday(:
i hope the rest of your birthday is exciting
as it is at this moment wink