How do you become DOTD?

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Brady (Rest- in Peace Aug- 02)

It's a Dogs- Life<3
Barked: Sat Jun 6, '09 7:00am PST 
Soo, I bet I'm not the only one wondering how you become DOTD.

Does anyone know?


Hurricane Ike- Pound Puppy
Barked: Sat Jun 6, '09 8:59am PST 
HQ picks randomly. Same with Diary of the Day and DOTW. wave

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Make Way for- Prince Barkley
Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 1:44pm PST 
wavewaveHI Pals, No you are not the only one wondering. I've been on dogster for almost 3 years and haven't been picked for any of "the Day" with the exception of a Daily Diary Pick. I wonder how they randomly pick.

Little Girl

Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 1:15pm PST 
does anyone know if HQ notifies you by email or do you have to keep checking everyday?

Hump Hump
Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 5:55pm PST 
It has to be a pure random pick by HQ. The reason I can say this for sure is that in mid_ april I was picked as dog of the day .. I did nothing that was special , I am not a crusader for any cause , I dont know anybody on the "Inside" , I'm just a average Bulldog that snores and farts & when nobody is looking , will hump a pillow dancing

Hugs & Farts
Thor ..wave
PS They do notify you by email , when you are selected

The One and- Only!
Barked: Fri Jun 12, '09 10:46pm PST 
HQ just picks the DOTD randomly, same with the DOTW and Diary of the Day. dog
Brady (Rest- in Peace Aug- 02)

It's a Dogs- Life<3
Barked: Sat Jun 13, '09 11:47am PST 
BOL, thanks guys. I actually forgot that I posted herelaugh out loud

Maybe someday I'll be picked by randombig grin