RIP Angel Crumpet DOTD 12-19-08

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Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 1:41pm PST 
Crumpet My bestest Bud in da world... I am going to miss seeing you here on earth but you can bet that you are THE MOST BOOFUL Angel on Rainbow bridgelittle angellittle angelcloud 9
We are so proud of you being DOGSTER DOTD today Crumpy you deserve so much more our angel we love and miss you so very much
Love dem Boyz
Aunty Sally and Uncle Alan
xxxxxxxxxhughughuglittle angelcloud 9

Amen. Bow Wow.- Says it all.
Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 1:45pm PST 
Crumpet, I am so sorry that this happend to you. This was a tragic way to go to the bridge but I know that now you are no longer in any pain.
You will be missed, and congratulations on your new life and on being dog of the day.

We all luv u very much.
BUTTERCUP *- Moms Angel- Girl *

Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 2:46pm PST 
My dear Crumpy .. you are forever wif us.. but i miss you alweady .. fly free my angel baby doll .. we wuv ya ... now PAWTY wike the young gal you once were !!! little angellittle angellittle angel


Let's have a- party :) !!!
Barked: Fri Dec 19, '08 11:03pm PST 
Sweet Crumpet, we are saddened beyond belief at our house. You were such a little sweetheart. We wish we could take away your familes pain. You are forever loved~~~~
The Nyce Girls

Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Barked: Sat Dec 20, '08 6:02am PST 
That was so sad what happened. We will be praying for your family. hug
Casey (in- loving- memory)

wee tiny- terrorist- terrier
Barked: Sat Dec 20, '08 3:10pm PST 
Dearest Crumpet:

At the beautiful Rainbow Bridge you will find two white puppies waiting to greet you. I know that you were much loved by your family as my family loved us. We will romp and play and watch over our loved ones below and ..someday, we will all meet on the bridge again!
We love you Crumpet!!!!
Hannah, CGC,- Therapy Dog

sweet as honey,- gentle as a lamb
Barked: Sat Dec 27, '08 7:32pm PST 
Dearwest Cwumpet,

We just got to meet you in da gift exchange fur Cwistmas. We were so shocked when your mommie told us wat happened to you. We've been vwery sad. We did't get da chance to fank you for your pressies fur Cwistmas so we wore our new beachie dressies you and Winsty and Kipper sent all awound da house da night we gots them. We know how you luffed to dressie up and we wanted to honor you by wearing the beautiful new dressies.

Your Mommie said you and Sashie were kindred spirits and she was so wight. Eben tho we just met you we feel wike we've know you fur our whole wives! We miss you Cwumpet. You are in a better place sweet angel and no one can hurt you eber again.

Hab fun at da bridge, it's a beautiful place fur you to play and play. You'll neber be awone der cauz it's full of more sweet angels just wike you!
We wuf and miss you our most special fwiend.


Hannah, Sashie, Bella and Harweycrylittle angellittle angel
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