Can I be dog of the week even though I have wings?

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Pearl - 07/02 - 12/08 to- 'C'

My Fair Lady
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 10:16am PST 
I am Pearl and my mom told me to say hallo to you and introduce myself.
I am a big dog and love my mom and all my brothers and sisters. I went to the Rainbow Bridge now and I am glad that I am here because now I am not sick anymore and also can fly now.
Here a few word from my mom:
Pearl had a very difficult life. Nobody ever took care for her before I came and took her home.
This sweet girl was with me for 1 year and we found out almost right after her homecoming that she had cancer. We promised her that we will always love her and that she has a wonderful home until her time comes. She was so brave and still watched over the her puppie sisters and brothers. When her time came, she did not go to the bridge without giveing me a nice lick and than closed her eyes.
I think she would be a good dog of the week, don't you think?
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