Congratulations Fancy

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Angel- Mica-the- wonderpup

Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 12:08pm PST 
a lovely lass named Fancy is now our top dog! she deserves it, more than many may know.. she must contend with an illness that is a killer..through no fault of her own.. if you don't know what IMHA is, pawlease, drop by my page and see.

this is a TALE ALL TAILS should read.

but Fancy is also a working dog. she helps kids learn to read, which is such a special job too. her life is a celebration.. we honor her courage and we challenge her to live the life she deserves.. she does it with honor.

loving you mate.
happy howlidays your way too!

mirra & i adore you mate...
little angellittle angellittle angel
♥Mirac- le♥

Forever Loved- Never Forgotten - I'm Here
Barked: Thu Feb 5, '09 9:13am PST 
Here's to Fancy! I'm doing the Snoopy dance just for you Fancy. Bless you sweetheart.