Thank you from mica & her family

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Angel- Mica-the- wonderpup

Barked: Mon Aug 18, '08 1:05pm PST 
To Dogster for the honor of Dog of the Week. It is a comfort to have her honored on the annifursary of her wings but a rather novel way for 'her quest for a cure' to get the attention it so truly needs. Thank you.

IMHA takes way too many dogs & cats. 3 new cases on Dogster just last week and already one new Angel, Zoey. It is the leading immune blood illness and second only to thyroid in reported immune illness overall. There is no cure to date, yet even the maintenance (by medication) is often as dangerous as the illness itself. It can trigger other immune-mediated (IM) disease all on its own, and other life-threatening problems in its wake.

I understand now what 'as sick as a dog' means.
I honestly never want to see it again.

We have been doing research and seeking answers hoping in some way to make a difference in this plight since mica so tragically left us 2 years ago this afternoon, at 4:21pm. If you would, please, stop and say a prayer for her and ALL those suffering with this despicable disease.

We really do appreciate the opportunity to reach even more dogs through this prestigious honor, than just our pages allow for. WOW. Mom always says 'knowledge is power'. Mirra says lets add the 'power of the paw' & hope together (there have been a number of really stand up dogs who have joined our fight) we can spare even ONE loved one this indignity. PAWlease, remember the humans that must endure the pain, uncertainty and utter powerlessness to watch their beloved held captive by IMHA.

Our Blessings to all.

angel mica, mirra & mel

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Angus The- Warrior

Wag well and wag- often.
Barked: Mon Aug 18, '08 5:23pm PST 
Many shoulders can help lighten the burden of fear and grief caused by IMHA. It's a roller coaster ride, but no one has to go it alone. Angel Mica has gathered around her a mighty band of soldiers to fight alongside any furbaby and their family who has been affected by this dreadful disease. She has also started a research fund to help find a cure. Together we can make a difference.

I've got places- to go & places- to pee!
Barked: Mon Aug 18, '08 6:14pm PST 
Congrats Mica! cheer

We never even new about IMHA until we met you, and believe me it has opened our eyes. We researched all about it and are trying to find orginizations to donate to once the money isn't so tight.frown


Daisy Mae- CGC

Dying for a cure
Barked: Mon Aug 18, '08 6:55pm PST 
Angel girl- I can't believe that it's been 2 yrs since you got your wings- it seems like such a short time ago but then also seems as though you've been gone for such a long time too.
So many others have joined you at the Bridge and we cry for each of them that we're aware of and say a prayer of each of those still here or undiagnosed.
Sometimes I see my own Mom's face and she looks scared and hurt and she cries for no reason as she hugs me. I try to tell her that it will be ok-no matter what- but I don't think she believes me. It's just so hard to keep fighting sometimes and I get so tired and it would be so nice to close my eyes and slip away- but I can't leave her and Dad and Annie like that- and just hope that it gets easier and I get well one more time until the next time.
You and Micca and your family are such an inspiration to us all that it's much easier to not give up but keep fighting and looking for a cure. It wlll happen and sooner rather than later would be terrific.
Kiska 4Ever- ღ

My- Kindred- Spirit
Barked: Mon Aug 18, '08 10:45pm PST 
cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9
Congratulations to you dear Mica on being the "Dog of the Week!" We hope & pray many, many pups will visit your page & learn more about IMHA & IMTP. That they will send pawmails asking how they can donate to this cause.

We have been trying to read everything we can find to learn more about it & the devastating effects and the quickness with which it can strike. The links on your page have so much information!

We were so sorry to hear of Angel Zoey's passing right before her 5th birthday. Diagnosed on 8-11-08, gone a short 3 days later. How very sad. Our hearts go out to all who live with this illness and to those who have lost their lives to it. And we pray for a cure to this Soon!

Prayers & Hope that lives will be saved just by reading up on IMHA! And that anypup who will take the time to get involved will see that this is a very real threat to their health & join the fight to find a cure.

Angel Kisses to you my friend,
little angelKissa & Family
Hildy GEB- Guide Dog- Angel

Gave it all she- had until the- end. xoxo
Barked: Tue Aug 19, '08 4:17am PST 
Angel Mica is an inspiration to all who know her. Even from the bridge, she is not forgetting those struggling with that awful disease here on Earth. Read her page, you will be inspired. Become her friend, you won't regret it!little angel
Angel- Mica-the- wonderpup

Barked: Tue Aug 19, '08 6:41pm PST 
Thanks you guys, for weighing in.. Good to have mates.. Love everypuplittle angel
Angus The- Warrior

Wag well and wag- often.
Barked: Wed Aug 20, '08 6:00pm PST 
Beautiful Mica, it's good to have guardian angels big grin