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Barked: Thu Aug 22, '13 9:36pm PST 
As a child, I had a dog, well, 2, but in relation to this post, 1, and a tiny little guinea pig. The dog was Mitzi, a fiesty little feist, who most definitely thought she was the biggest, meanest dog out there - except to puppies and other small, furry creatures.

In retrospect, it probably wasnt the best idea to let a dog in the same room as a guinea pig (named Bingo, by the way), even supervised, but Mitzi was pretty much a friendly dog except when it came to bones and strange dogs on our property (picture: Large Rottweiler used to keep people from stealing from a car lot next door cowering in fear of this tiny feist maybe 1/4 his size). Thankfully, no true horror sessions happened. Mitzi (who had a accidental puppy litter before we got her spayed) decided that, no, it wasn't a particullarly fuzzy rat, it was instead her new puppy and proceeded to bathe it. The only true issue that came up with the strange adopted family was when Mitzi decided she needed to take her pup off to wherever, by the scruff of his neck, and Bingo, in the right of course, freaked out and tried to bite her. Thus ended their short mother/son relationship.

And when we actually got a puppy? Well, homer was over half her size when we got the Red Blue Heeler mix and she wasnt to interested in the mutt who would try to eat her (his) bones from inside (his) fenced area.

Have any of you had your female dogs try to 'mother' another puppy or other furry baby?