Guess the breed mix

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Misbehaved Mutt
Barked: Tue Jul 30, '13 8:37pm PST 
I've had Karu for 5 years and I always love hearing people's guesses to his breed makeup. We did have him DNA tested with partial results, we do know hes part rottweiler. Likely hes a mix of more than 2 breeds. Hes full grown at 53lbs. Anybody want to take a guess?

Ice cubes? YES- PLEASE!
Barked: Wed Jul 31, '13 9:57pm PST 
He looks like he has a lot of rottie in him. His face certainly looks the part.

Possibly a rottie/boxer mix?

In the video, he was very bouncy. The only large dog breeds I have personally seen bounce like that all the time are poodles and boxers. He also has long legs like a boxer.

DNA tests are not always accurate, but I think his results came pretty close based on what I see.

So rottie/boxer as the dominant mix is my guess with a possibility of others sprinkled in there. Still, he is a cute mutt. I love those soulful rottie eyes he inherited.cloud 9
Hershey Bear- (2003 - 2015)

Silly old bear
Barked: Thu Aug 1, '13 9:16pm PST 
i see rottie in him for sure. love his expression cloud 9 i think i'd also say he has Boxer in him too, and probably something else.


Misbehaved Mutt
Barked: Fri Aug 2, '13 3:36pm PST 
The second DNA tests comes back as only Rottweiler present and this one supposely tests anything with at least 5%. I've seen test results all over the board before but never nothing.
Probably think I'm crazy but I really think Beglian Malinois. It can explain everything about him that rottweiler can't.
The coat/fur. Hes a red sable and when he was younger had a black saddle that disappeared. He still has a few black tipped hairs. The combination of the two both scream Shepard to me. His ears are semi-erect pointing to a dog with erect ears. Hes got eye-liner. Small/ thin frame. Hes strong but does not have the muscular build of a rottie and hes short, only 20in at the shoulder. His tail was docked which to me would be for one of three reason, medical but this isn't common and i got him at a year old. The breed/owner was trying to pass him off as a purebred rottie. But come on hes red. Or he was purposely bred. I always thought german shepard but both DNA tests failed to pick up on that. But neither tested for belgian malinois. Maybe I'm crazy but it really does seem to fit.