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Barked: Sun Jul 14, '13 9:04pm PST 
Pack is a brand new up and coming Dog Website split by dog breeds. It is Super Exclusive and currently INVITE ONLY. I have recently become a Pack Leader and have plenty of invitations to give out! Email Me DaysieTheDog@Gmail.com or Comment on this thread if you would like a invite. I am super excited to be apart of this new experience with all my friends at Dogster! If you want more info check out my page PackLove.com/Daysie

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Barked: Sat Aug 10, '13 6:10pm PST 
Is it too late to ask for an invite? I checked out the website and it looks awesome. smile
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Barked: Mon Aug 12, '13 7:44pm PST 
Hook a lil dog up! puppy