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Futuristic Bow- Wow
Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 10:27pm PST 
Haven't been on Dogster in a while, and hoping this is the right thread section to discuss books, but yeah. Anyway, I'm currently reading 2 dog books: "You Had Me at Woof" by Julie Klam, and "Dreaming in Libro" by Louise Bernikow. They've definitely been keeping my attention. I recommend them to the readers out there smile The former is about dog rescuing(Boston Terriers, especially), and the latter is about basically a self-proclaimed "bad woman" becoming better when she takes in a stray Boxer.
Oh! And I recently read Cindy Adams' book, "The Gift of Jazzy". VERY good, in my opinion.
Anyone recommend any others?

It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Fri Jun 14, '13 6:01am PST 
I've read both of those, very entertainingbig grin
First four dog themed books that come to mind-

"What the Dog Did" Emily Yoffe One of the all time funniest dog reads for new owners and seasoned owners alike

"Oogie" Larry Levin Beautiful story of a scarred Dogo and the family that saved him

"One Good Dog" Susan Wilson A high power executive and fighting dog find each other through a big circle of twists and turns

"Until Tuesday" A veteran and Tuesday his service dog...also a commentary on veterans services in America