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Barked: Sat Mar 2, '13 9:59pm PST 
So, Buddy just absolutly loves the snow. Him and our other dog will sit there and cry until we let them out; only to go out and eat the snow. Its funny to sit and watch. I wonder, does anyone else have a dog that is obsessed with eating snow? is it more common that i think? Its fun entertainment for me. smile
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Thu Mar 14, '13 5:19pm PST 
Well, Alva loves to roll in fresh snow. And she eats it too, but not so often. I think when she does she's thirsty. And she thinks lumps of snow and ice are proper toys for her.

A Cool Toy I Have

Don't mess with- me!
Barked: Thu Mar 14, '13 10:20pm PST 
My poms are crazy about snow. Angus will walk around with his face in the snow eating it.laugh out loud


blue/brown eyed- girl!
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 10:00am PST 
My dogs LOVE the snow!!!
They are both Huskies, so I guess it's a given but still it's hilarious to watch them. Mika likes to eat the snow.....Lexus likes to eat icicles.
And both of them have this thing where if it's deep fluffy snow they will plop their heads in burying them deep and then push along with their back legs as they plow their heads through the snow! laugh out loud smile
They are going to be heart broken when the snow is gone, it's been extra snowy this year here.
Rocky *CGC*- With the- angels.

Gone but never,- ever forgotten- xxx
Barked: Sun Mar 17, '13 12:34pm PST 
Rocky always loved the snow... He would run outside, roll in it and eat it. His favourite game was 'catch the snowball'.... He used to love it so much that he would almost freeze! When we went back inside, he'd lie by the fire and we had to wrap him in blankets to stop him shivering laugh out loud It didn't stop him playing in it for hours though...

We lived in Germany for two years and we used to get all the weather in the winter from Russia... Very, very cold but he just loved it!

Dexter doesn't really bother about it... He just wants to find his tennis ball and play fetch... He used to look at Rocky like he was mad in the snow lol...

Skipper got his first experience with snow last week and he loves it too... He's definitely more interested in eating it though puppy
Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 7:04pm PST 
Kashmir absolutely loves the snow. She will run around and try to eat snowballs i throw for her. She gets confused when the disappear big laugh She also loves to help me shovel, she will try and bite the bottom which can be annoying sometimes.

It's all about- the love
Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 8:30pm PST 
Fresh snow!