Pet Communicator?

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Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 7:14pm PST 
I thought about it, once, but the cost scared me off!

I also thought about doing his tarot, but a lot of people I've spoken to consider it an 'insult to the powers that be' to use mysticism on animals, so I haven't done it. Maybe I will, though, and risk the wrath of the gods. laugh out loud

If I got a chance to do it affordably, I might just for a bit of fun.
Addie CL1- CL2 CL3 CL4- OAJ

if it moves,- I'll chase it!
Barked: Sat Jan 5, '13 5:31pm PST 
Thanks for sharing your experiences! Very interesting. I might just do it for fun and see what comes out of it. She' s only $40 for a half hour.. can't be worse than doing that DNA test. laugh out loud
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