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Barked: Sun Dec 30, '12 1:28pm PST 
About 4 years ago I bought an Outward Hound collapsable bowl for water. It's big and has a wide mouth which makes getting a big muzzle in it, easy.

Well, it has sprung a very small leak and finding another large collapsable bowl of that size is near to impossible.
I've gone online and I've seen nothing of that size. It may hold as much liquid, but the mouth of the bowls are no where near as wide. Moose won't drink from a collapsable bowl that has a more narrow mouth. Last month I purchased one that I thought might work, but the mouth isn't as wide. Wasted $20. Moose won't drink from it.

I use this bowl every weekend when I take Moose to the beach. It holds alot, is light weight and allows me to fill it half way with water, fold the mouth together and carry it while we walk. I do that so when Moose wants water I can give it to him on the spot, that way he won't go drinking the salt water.
(I carry 4 liters of water in a backpak and Moose will drink most of it while at the beach).

Does anyone know of any bowls that are collapsable with a wide mouth and carries a fair amount of water?

The pet supply stores in my area all have rubber collapsable bowls that fit the bill 1/2 way, but they do not carry enough water. They're quite shallow and it won't work.

And, I was wondering, although this is not as needed as the bowl, but it would be nice, does anyone know of any backpack kind of device that can dispense water? Similar to a Camel Back backpack, but instead of sucking out the water, a valve could be turned to dispense the water?
I am constantly bending down, taking off the backpack, taking out a container, pouring water in, putting the container back in, etc., etc., etc. It's a pain.
Anyone know of anything that would fit the bill?
But, that's not a must have. Just a want.

Barked: Mon Dec 31, '12 8:37am PST 
Have you checked out Kurgo's line of collapsible bowls?

clicky link

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Mon Dec 31, '12 2:29pm PST 
Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.


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Barked: Mon Dec 31, '12 2:55pm PST 
Hey Moose,wave you are as big as a pony. way to go How about looking at collapsable buckets made for horses? I don't know if it would be what you want, shrug but I bet they would have nice wide openings. happy dance

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Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 11:07pm PST 
I would recommend looking into one of those options:

http://www.petco.com/product/115729/Bamboo-Pet-Collapsib le-Silicone-Travel-Bowl.aspx

Or, this one can be inverted to make like a bucket with a handle, that you could carry water with for short distances:


For one that closes up:
http://www.ruffwear.com/Quencher-Cinch-Top-trade_5?sc=2&categor y=10

As far as a backpack, do you mean for you or for your dog to carry?

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Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 8:27am PST 
I have the silicone bowl and bivy bowl from Ruffwear. I don't like the bivy bowl for water.

I much prefer the silicone bowls. They're cheap and work great. I put a carabiner on it, so it's real easy to attach to other stuff to carry along.

As for pouring water, I do what you do and just empty it out of my camelback. I guess maybe you could get one of those bag water bottle thingies. Like this and just use a carabiner to clip it to you.shrug

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I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 8:21am PST 
Thanks for all the links and suggestions. I will check them out.