Twas the night before barkmas

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Pocket Wolf
Barked: Tue Dec 25, '12 12:21am PST 
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the flat
The pets were not stirring, not the dog or the cat
The stockings were hung o'er the window with flair
With hope that the beasties won't get them up there

The laptops were turned off and also the tower
Because outside the blizzard had cut off our power
So the boy in his boxers and I in my shirt
Looked grumpily on toward Christmas at work

When out on the quad there rose such a clatter
The dog barked out the window, like a mad hatter
Away to the window, silenced her with a roar
drew back the blinds and slid open the door

The city lights reflected on the swirling snow
Casting orange twilight on the courtyard below
When what to my wondering eyes did astound
But a sled filled goodies drawn by eight baying hounds

And the bundled up driver so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than reindeer his coursers they came
and he whistled and shouted and called them by name

Mush Fido! mush Felix, mush Buddy and Roxy
Ho Daisy Ho Zoe, run Lady and Foxy
To the top of the building, to the end of the hall
Up up and away, get aloft all y'all

Their ears pricked and fluttered as they took to the sky
and I stood there amazed seeing dogs that could fly
Right up to the rooftop with a howling ba-rooo
The sled and the hounds and St. Nicholas too

A shuffle a slide,a crunch and an oof!
He unloaded that sleigh up on top of the roof
Then skidded and yelped as he slid from the top
Fell onto my porch with a resounding flop

He was dressed in velour from his head to his gush
I helped up him off of his big bruis-ed tush
The bundle of gifts he had slung on his back
were strewn 'crost the floor out of his velour pack.

His eyes how they teared up, his cheeks were not merry
He shivered so I asked him to come in and tarry
We picked up his belongings and gave him some tea
Noticing childrens' toys, asked him where should he be

And he sighed as he swallowed the entire tea glass
I was supposed to be in Tampa, but I used Apple Maps
Then his mouth smiled wide, parting his beard like a rift
He asked us if we would, for our aid, like a gift

My boy smiled sadly and said "don't worry 'bout that
We've got no kids here, just two dogs and a cat.
Well, old Chris shrugged and nodded and picked up his bag
my dogs sensed some goodies, their tales were a-wag

So into his sack his snowy head dipped
and drew out a 30 ounce bag of catnip
a toy mouse, a green ball, some treats and a bone
and a fuschia and pink squeaky replica phone

He set down a dog bed both big and small
going 'bout his business he seemed unhurt by his fall
He put his red stocking atop his white head
and said "you've work tomorrow, you should be off to bed."

Thorough old Nicholas finished his work
stuffed all of the stockings and turned with a jerk
and despite the cold metal all covered with rime
he gave one final nod and up the drain pipe he climbed

He crawled onto his sled, twirled his whip with a crack
and promised that next year he would be right back
and continued on in a voice full and clear
Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year

It's all about- me.
Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 10:58am PST 
applause awesome!