Living in NYC with a 100 pound labrador retriever

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Love me.
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 12:17pm PST 
So sorry, but I did not care for your blog at all. You should NOT allow your dog to shove his face into every strange dog he sees. Not all dogs like other dogs, especially rude dogs they do not know. That is not the fault of that dog's owner...that is YOUR fault for allowing your dog to do whatever he pleases. Calling some lady you do not know a b**** because her dog did not like being towered over by a strange dog is completely uncalled for. How rude. Btw, there are many reasons they could still be training their dog, and not all dogs ever become social butterflys...and that is OK. What is NOT ok is cussing out anyone who does not agree with you or like you allowing your dog to approach them or their dogs without first being asked. confused

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 6:30pm PST 
Your allowing your leashed dog to approach another leashed dog without permission or invitation is extremely rude on your part and not good manners on your dog's part at all. Not all dogs like or should like stranger dogs approaching them and giving them a physical once over. In fact many dogs would not tolerate this at all and I'm surprised the model and her boyfriend didn't tell YOU off instead. Mayhaps they were too polite.

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 6:45pm PST 
Zephyrapplause but shh. I want to get my hoodie & sunglasses & cruise parks at 10 PM. Obviously now, I, and my nasty rabid german shepherds will have to find a new park. laugh out loud My cover has been blown.
Seriously..you write with the sort of attitude that gives responsible dog owners a bad rap. YES...YOU are at fault when you allow your dog to greet another dog without permission. Chance's 10 second in-out-sniff would be cut off at about 9.5 seconds if he tried it with my dog.shrug


Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 6:47pm PST 
Wow. Just... no thank you.

Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 6:50pm PST 
Squam is a mean-nasty shepherd though so that's expected. Remember you are responsible for your own dog? And apparently for the poor choices of others.

Design Jewelry- not dogs!
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 8:21pm PST 
People like you are one of the main reasons I would NEVER walk my dog in NYC...or, live there, for that matter!!!

We don't doodle.
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 8:25pm PST 
I couldn't decide whether to post the previous as my MEAN German Shepherd or my Itsy bitty fuu fuu dog so...I chose both.

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 10:57pm PST 
Glad to hear you're steering clear of German Shepherds way to go Too bad people with other breeds aren't as lucky.

Fortius quo- fidelius
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 11:00pm PST 
As a German Shepherd owner, I was terrified to hear that my dog might have ever been exposed to someone like yourself! Thanks so much for making this blog, and making me aware that there are people out there that would judge a dog simply by it's breed. I mean, if someone is to be judged, it should be for their actions, and not their "breed", take you for example; if you really believe that all dogs are cut from the same cloth and therefore should be judged by the actions of only a few, then I just lost faith in every other human being on the planet.

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '12 11:07pm PST 
PS. Living with a geriatric dog in any environment is pretty easy.

For example, I lived with a 8 year old Dobermann plus 3 other dogs in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles up until he passed away this summer at close to 15. What does that make me??

ETA: i never allowed my dobermann or any of my other dogs to approach strange dogs for (something) and giggles.
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