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The Dog Talk Project (http://www.dogtalkproject.com), is an on-line survey program that gathers collective dog knowledge and experiences of dog lovers around the world. The purpose of Dog Talk is to study the relationships between people and their dogs and to objectively measure dog knowledge, beliefs and perceptions.

Current and upcoming Dog Talk surveys examine a wide range of dog-related topics that include behavior, training, dog sports, animal-assisted activities, health care, breed traits, and nutrition and feeding practices. Statistics and current results are posted and shared on Dog Talk’s Results Pages. Survey participants can also submit photos of their dogs and their personal stories. Survey results and statistics are also being used for research studies, publications, and a book project that examines breed differences in health and behavior.

Please feel welcome to visit the Dog Talk Project (http://www.dogtalkproject.com) to participate. Visitors can try out the program with the Survey Lite feature. If you join the project, you may enter information about as many dogs as you like, and can return at any time to take surveys that are within your own specific areas of dog interest and expertise.

Linda Case
Administrator, The Dog Talk Project (http://www.dogtalkproject.com; admin@dogtalkproject.com)

"About You” and “About Your Dog(s)”
“Breed Preferences: Why We Love the Dogs We Do”
“What’s For Dinner: Nutrition and Feeding Practices”
“How We Teach: Dog Training Philosophies and Practices”
Coming in May "Exploring Canine Heartworm"