AKC/Eukanuba Championship

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Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 5:50am PST 
With Westminster coming up, it reminded me of the last show I watched on the 4th, the AKC/Euke one. Did anyone else watch it? I only got to watch a few groups (I recall Terrier and Non-Sporting, and watched Toy on YouTube) and the Best in Show. I wanted to see the Best in Breed for Poms.

I did notice a couple of things... I don't watch these religiously, I forget the last time I saw one actually, but it was with my grandmother, and I haven't lived near her since I was 13, and stopped visiting for the summer when I was about 15. The last time I watched anything show-related was the BBC "bad breeding" documentary.

Of course, I noticed that some of the breeds looked... Way better than they used to. The bulldog was much less squashy than I recall seeing, and the German shepherd didn't look like he was about to fall over. His knees are still terrible, but they looked much more functional.

Did anyone else enjoy the AKC/Euke show?
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Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 3:12pm PST 
I love watching the Eukanuba National Championship. The AKC website has all the winners; I’ve linked your breed below:

http://www.akc.org/nationalchampionship/show/index.cfm?sec tion=breed_results&text_event_number=2011277101&breed_selection=POM& ax=get_breed_data&ct=133

Anyway… being a person who shows dogs I can tell you just how bad BBC tried to make dog breeding seem and showing in general. BBC went out to find the absolute worst dogs they could find to aid in there “cause” not to mention the worst people. The majority of the dogs filmed had been filmed in the UK. BBC personally attacked dogs like the Champion Pekingese whom they made sound as if he just “fell over dead” once he left the ring but NEVER told you he is an old man and living happily at home running and playing. They also played on the “all I see is a parade mutants’!” but really all dogs are a form of a mutation anyway, but so is every living thing on earth…. BBC PDE is a load of poo that does nothing but say how horrible “purebreds” and showing dogs is. It’s incredibly sad the Kennel Club went through all the trouble of mandating huge changes that really won’t change anything for the dogs, but only make the “public” happy because the foolish public was led to believe BBC PDE was whole hearted truth to “help dogs”. What they don’t know is the changes to the standards were pointless when it comes to genetics and breeding. I am incredibly disappointed in the Kennel Club for backing down and not taking this propaganda head on.

If people knew more about dogs, breeding, genetics, standards and dog shows they wouldn’t be so quick to believe something that actually isn’t out to help dogs at all.

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Barked: Mon Feb 13, '12 7:14am PST 
Thanks for linking the Poms for me =)

I know the BBC documentary was ~sensationalised~, but it doesn't change that the standards for most dogs haven't changed a whole lot except for the worse, where it was fashionable. Look back at the first Uggie dog, and the Uggie today, and you'll see a marked difference in temperament, appearance, and lifespan. Poor bulldogs have had it rough. Most dog breeds aren't in any way "threatened" by show breeding, and the documentary-makers clearly had no idea how linebreeding works, but there are some breeds that need help.

Regardless, it was fun to see all the pretty puppies =) So much prepping goes into them! I also felt proud every time I could ID a dog breed, and the people I was watching it with were like, "That must be an X!" or "It looks like a schnauzer mix!" when it was actually a Y (The Harrier was mistaken for a Beagle) or indeed a purebred (That was the Brussels griffon)