Dog bites news reporter in face.

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Barked: Wed Feb 8, '12 5:36pm PST 
"Anchorwoman Kyle Dyer of Denver’s 9News released a statement this afternoon saying she was okay after being bitten in the face by a dog during a live broadcast.

The scary incident took place after Dyer knelt down to pet the 85-pound Argentine, who became something of a local celebrity after being rescued by firefighters from a lake he fell into while pursuing a coyote.

Dyer was taken to the hospital, where she is currently resting. Doctors listed her condition as “fair.”

Max (full name: Gladiator Maximus), meanwhile, will be quarantined for 10 days. Officials cited his owner, Michael Robinson, for being unable to control the dog and not updating the dog’s rabies vaccination."

Look at the Youtube video . Who the heck grabs a dogs face goes right in their face and think it's a smart idea? It's the ladies fault, not the dog. naughty

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Barked: Wed Feb 8, '12 7:07pm PST 
It was tragic & the dogo gave some pretty clear signs to back off. This linky has more footage & an interview with a behaviorist.

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Barked: Wed Feb 8, '12 9:41pm PST 
I just heard about this, here is a recent report from the news channel that this happened on.

And I do totally agree with you, this is 100% the ladies fault, I am not going to rag on her or bash her because she didn't know better and the poor lady did just get bit in the face. However this dog was just rescued from a lake yesterday and is now sitting in a new scary & stressful enviroment (the news room) with new people who are moving closer to him and getting in her face. He did show all the signs so I hope that animal control gives him a good chance, if this was a bite with no signals then it would be a different story however this dog was giving out huge signals. I actually watched the video when he did bite her & it looked like he was showing his teeth for several seconds before the actual bite. Yes not very much time however I feel like the moment I saw teeth I would jump back. Also I do see what you mean about the touching the dogs nose after the bite, I was wondering that too, but I do have to say that in the guy's defense he was probably in total shock of the whole situation. I had similar thing happen at the shelter when two dogs got into a nasty fight and there was a volunteer with me who instead of helping just stood there frozen & when I asked him later what happened he told me he wasn't even really sure that he was just overwhelmed by the whole thing and not totally processing it.

I hope the woman makes a full recovery & that maybe horrible accident can do some good in maybe opening the public's eyes to how to properly read a dog & such (I am happy to see they brought on a dog pro to point out his signals) though I am sure many will throw up the bully card in all of this confused. I do hope he is able to get back home soon, this poor guy has been through so much!


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Barked: Wed Feb 8, '12 10:03pm PST 
Personally, I blame the owner of the dog more than anyone else. Yes, the lady wasn't being very smart about the way she interacted with the dog but not every "dog lover" is dog savvy. At the end of the day, the dog is the owner's responsibility. He knows his dog better than anyone and should have been paying attention to the dog's signals.

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