'American Stuffers': Creepy or Not?

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'The Belgian- Maligator'
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '12 6:01pm PST 
Okay, so I just watched an episode of 'American Stuffers' I DVR'd earlier in the week, and WOW. I am not quite sure how I feel about 'pet preservation' - that is, freeze drying your deceased pet. I understand the bond between humans and their furbabies - but I wouldn't ever consider freeze drying my grandma and giving her a permanent spot in the living room... maybe dusting her off every few days. It just doesn't seem like a healthy way to grieve; what do you guys think?

edit: Now with PICTURES! You can catch 'stuffers' on Animal Planet Thursdays at 10.
Extreme Taxidermy Pet Preservation

One looks slightly hostile...

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Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '12 6:12pm PST 
LOL, I think they both look hostile. and those creepy little dried-out feet on the standing one... I try to put myself in their shoes, but kinda fail. I don't think I want my pet's dead body preserved and posed forever- what do you do in 20 years when the grief isn't so fresh? Or when the original owner dies and the heirs have to deal with it? Turn it into a family heirloom? Give it a proper burial? Dog forbid, sell it in a garage sale... shock

I ran across something similar a while back and started a thread about it.
Perpetual Pet

Amazing how much of a market there is for this kind of thing!

Edit to say, I don't find it creepy at all to want to have your dead pet near you, or to keep a memento like their ashes, or a lock of hair, etc, (I even know someone who tanned their dog's pelt) it's just that when they're taxidermied it makes them look still alive (or worse, zombi-fied if they do a bad job) and that's what bothers me.

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'The Belgian- Maligator'
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '12 6:29pm PST 
It's the bug-eyed, terrified look of the glass eyes that gets me. I do understand keeping a memento (Tanning the pelt...oooh I dunno. Still too far for me?) but it just seems almost inappropriate to keep them around like furniture. I didn't even think about what would happen in the event of the owner's death. The show makes for interesting viewing, but it's a morbid sort of interest for me. thinking


I came, I saw, I- chewed.
Barked: Fri Jan 20, '12 7:14am PST 
I'm creeped out. I think it would take about 15 minutes for me to freak out that those glass eyes were staring at me. Then again, my daughter's dolls can wig me out on a quiet, dark night. LOL!
◊Kodiak- Bear- 1988-2000

Golden angel,- now I have wings

Barked: Fri Jan 20, '12 8:53am PST 
My husband is a taxidermist. He's been asked to "mount" someone's golden retriever. Uhh, no way!eek

We all know each of our pets have their own personalities. It isn't just the fur that makes them who they are. There is expression and muscles that you just can't replicate unless you knew them. And if you knew them, its unlikely you would do that to them by yourself. silenced

But, to each their own. I just think that before anyone does do something like that, they do some research and see what their beloved's body would go through to be preserved forever. cry
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Fri Jan 20, '12 9:23am PST 

I watched it too. It doesn't look like....a dog. There's nothing behind the eyes. It's creepy to try to replicate that. It's not like a deer mount where you're showing off the physicality of it. That's your pet you loved for their personality. That, you can never preserve.

Yeah, to each their own, but I'd feel like I was doing a great injustice to my dog if I did that with their bodies.

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Fri Jan 20, '12 8:34pm PST 
shock Really creepy and what do you do with other pets (I have a pack, fill the house with stuffed or dried dogs) or when the puppy chews the dried paw off....naughty

dog walk

Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Sat Jan 21, '12 1:17pm PST 
I think it's creepy, and I don't think it would help me grieve either seeing an empty shell of what my dog used to be. And I remember reading that it's very expensive and is a very lengthy process too.

The other day I also saw a show on TLC (idk if it is a show or if it was just a one time 'special') called "I Cloned My Pet". These people paid 50k to clone their pet and the one man kept saying when he held the puppy for the first time he was hoping to see recognition in its eyes. Physically the dog is the same... but it does not have the memories or experiences that made your dog so special. It is not your dog 'reborn'. Again, it just didn't seem like a healthy way of grieving. I'd rather see someone go out and adopt a dog in honor of their lost pet then to go through all that trouble and spend all that money to clone there pet while so many dogs go without knowing love.

I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Sat Jan 21, '12 6:57pm PST 
Super creepy. I watched about 5 minutes of one episode and once I saw the King Charles Spaniel on the table being prepped for stuffing, I couldn't find the remote fast enough.

I just wish Animal Planet would stick to Dogs 101 or other cute pet shows. They've gone into the weird zone with most of their shows lately.

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Barked: Sat Jan 21, '12 10:05pm PST 
I watched this show for the first time today.... I'm not even sure what to say about it. The tiny dog on the second picture there I believe was in the owners freezer for 4 years... so I guess it was a little harder to make it look right after all that time.. shock

I agree that some of the new shows on APL are really out there lately. Maybe good to watch if you want nightmares !!
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