Dogs traveling in cars w/o proper restraints...*VENT

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Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 2:43am PST 
I can't tell you the number of dogs I see on the back of utes without any restraint... Seen them fall... Seen one running up the freeway with a torn ear... Seen them dead on the side. And I see people speeding along with their terrified dogs clinging for live every week.

My dog rides in the rear cabin of our Jeep unrestrained(behind the back seat where he is safe) , but I would never put him on the back of a Ute. Too scary. End of story.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 7:07am PST 
I don't see how you can compare escape tactics in dogs being belted in to escape tactics to humans being belted in. We know how seat belts work. We can undo ourselves.

But look, I'm not arguing against seat belting. Just throwing out what ifs and fears that are there.

This is weighing the risks and benefits. You can't scoff at people for not doing. Odds are irrelevant. I went to school with plenty of people who were killed in their first accidents ever. They were wearing a seat belt. I had been in a fender bender. The seat belt didn't save my life.shrug And there are plenty of other cases where seat belts would have or did save lives. They are a great device, no doubt.

I still wear seat belts, and I do occasionally belt my dogs down in certain circumstances. That's what I do. Let's not downplay my individual choice.
Audrey- Hepbull

I am not dumb, I- am ignoring you.
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 8:34am PST 
no one is scoffing at anyone, just stating facts.

Infants and young children are unable to undo their car seat straps and escape either. The REDUCTION of serious injuries and death is so profound, it is no longer legal to take a child in a car without a saftey seat, never mind secured in a seat belt. No one is allowed to take that risk with a human life anymore.

No one has made any claim that proper restraints completely eliminate the risk of death or injury.

They have just stated the undisputable FACT that restraints SIGNIFiGANLT REDUCE serious injuries and deaths in automobile accidents. That is not a debatable fact or a matter of opinion. It is simply a fact. No judgement. No criticism. Just a fact. Plain and simple.

How someone interprets their own response to that fact or whatever action they take with the knowledge of that fact is entirely up to them.

Just because someone takes that fact and strongly feels the need to take action in response to it has no effect on what someone else decides to do with that fact.

Me stating that I will NOT take that risk with my dog, especially after personally witnessing a dead battered human body from a car accident, is not criticising someone who says they WILL take that risk.


dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '11 9:27am PST 
Fun fact: in countries where animal welfare is internationally recognized as being progressive, it is already not legal to drive without proper restraints on dogs.

Life is good!
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 3:42pm PST 
I have to say, I am incredibly surprised at many of the responses here. I have read the statistics that most people don't restrain their dogs in the car and I assumed it was because they were not informed. I never would have thought so many people would not restrain them because they think it's safer.

I would never ride in a car without wearing a seat belt, nor would I allow anyone in my car not to wear one. That includes my dog. Even in a small accident he would go flying. Even if he didn't go out the windshield, he could sustain a head injury from being thrown into something.

In most accidents the car does not catch on fire. I think it's quite a small risk that a dog will become trapped in a burning car, but it's highly likely that an unrestrained dog will be killed, injured, injure another passenger or escape the car and run off into traffic.

In my town, a woman was in a car accident on the freeway that broke the windows of her car. She had a broken leg. Her two dogs escaped out the broken windows and ran off down the freeway amid traffic (it was a miracle they were not hit by a car right then an there). They disappeared. The owner appealed to the local newspapers and many people helped search for the dogs. They found one dog, but the other was discovered dead a few weeks later by the train tracks, hit by a train. frown

Many years ago, my coworker was driving with his wife and their large dog and a dog ran in front of their car. My coworker swerved as a reflex and the car rolled. The dog went through the windshield. frown

You would not allow a child to ride unrestrained, I do not understand what people think is so different about a dog.
Maggie NAC- WV-N TN-N- CTL-3 RE

Tunnel Suckin'
Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 12:12am PST 
Lilith said it...

What's the likelihood of a simple fender bender vs a major accident which sets the car on fire? I think it's about likelihood. I'd strap a baby who can't move much into a car seat too, even though it's bulky and difficult to remove. It's not just about whether or not the subject isn't bothering the driving, it's simply been proven that wearing seat belts saves lives.

Also...just going to add on, I was an EMT for almost 8 years and my mom has been a Paramedic for 15+ - the number of times where the unseatbelted person made it through with very few/little injuries are far outnumbered by the ones that die. Normally the ones that are not seatbelted and have few injuries are either intoxicated or asleep, not to say that there are not a small handful that were just plain lucky.

Also, the chance of driving into a body of water deep enough is slim to none as opposed to a serious incident at highway speeds. Also...car fires are rarely instantaneous...if you can't figure out how to unbuckle the dog from it's belting/crate, you probably are not going to live through either.

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Sun Jan 8, '12 1:47pm PST 

When the night- closes in I will- be there  
Barked: Sat Dec 17, '11 7:44pm PST 

Yes but Lilith, every member of mily including myself has been in an accident where had they been wearing seatbelts they would have been killed or at least much more severely injured.
As far as the accident theory rescue workers will work to free me, they will not go back for my dog.
Happy we always moved the dogs around the ranch in the back of a pick up. But I would never do it off the property.

I hope your family stays away from me on the road. There must be some genetic thing going on here. I guess bad driving runs in the family.

I don't restrain my dog. I don't wear my seatbelt. Been driving 10 years and have done a good job cause I ain't never wrecked. I practice defensive driving.
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