Dogs traveling in cars w/o proper restraints...*VENT

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Cheese? PLEASE!
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 2:51pm PST 
It just amazes me that in this day and age, people still drive with their dogs not restrained at all in a car...I always especially see large-dog breeds sitting in typically trucks, moving about freely, obviously not restrained at all..I was especially angry 2 or 3 years ago when I was driving home from work, on a rather busy highway at a busy time of day and saw a large breed dog (I think a German Shepherd, but memory is failing me right now) and the owner was driving, well, like a jerk to begin with, hitting the gas, slamming the brakes at red lights...frown

The poor dog was in the bed of the truck and each time the man (I say man bc I will not use the term I would like to use here) would hit the gas pedal or the brakes, the poor dog was thrusted either back into the bed or towards the side or back of the bed, and his neck would be jerked pretty severely each time...frown

I sooo wanted to let the guy know the poor dog could have easily been harmed..not only by the thrashing back and forth, but the poor thing could have jumped out of the bed of the truck, injuring himself but also possible drivers...frown

Just wanted to vent...

I know with the topic of banning cell phones being made a big debate lately, but I also think pets should be required by law to be properly restained in a car....

Just a little vent...cry

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 2:56pm PST 
at the least they should be properly restrained when they ride 'open air' in the backs of pick up trucks. It is really ridiculous when i see a dog tethered by its neck in the bed of a truck....

When I used to live in North California, I'd often see the same truck with a husky and a GSD in the bed.. on the highway. The wind force was so strong that the dogs would huddle down onto the floor of the truck bed. confused
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 2:58pm PST 
I personally have no issue with how people choose to let their pets ride, as long as it does not affect the safety of other drivers (i.e. the dog bouncing around in the driver's seat). It's pretty common to see dogs, even kids bumping along in the back of a truck around here, not like the driver is going 60mph or anything. Tanuk and Glacier both ride in the cargo of our SUV and are allowed to move around freely, Talah rides in her carrier at the moment because she's so small and would likely bounce all over the place. I don't see how we can require people to seatbelt their pets in their car when there are so many who can't even bother to prevent oops litters.


Cheese? PLEASE!
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 3:02pm PST 
Tanuk, good point...
It just makes me so mad...confused
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 3:06pm PST 
I only get angry when I see dogs loose in open-air vehicles. I know personally of at least one case of a dog getting thrown out of a pickup on a sharp corner, and of a dog jumping out to attack another dog at a stoplight shock . If it's inside the vehicle and not interfering with the driver, I really don't care if they use seatbelts or not. I let Bruno ride loose in my car- he usually sits in the front passenger seat.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 3:14pm PST 
Well, I don't always restrain my pooches either. I know I should always do it, but it's such a pain on certain short trips. I really don't mind other people's dogs unrestrained either.

But I do cringe when I see dogs in the bed of trucks going down the road at a high rate of speed or dogs riding in their owner's laps while the owner is driving!

Seriously, I once had to drive with a box on my lap about the size of a small dog, and I had a hard time driving with just that! Couldn't imagine a dog there.

I see dogs in the truck beds all the time, but most are just farmers going from farm to farm, not flying down the road at 55 mph or in town where the dog could jump out and chase after who knows what! One time I could see a dog desperately wanting to jump out of the truck bed while they were going down the road. He'd keep going from side to side, peering over the edge, putting his front paws up, readying himself to jump and then abort at the last second. I was holding my breath the whole time!

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 4:02pm PST 
I get angry with dogs in the back of trucks. I had to pick one up of the road after it jumped out. Driver didn't even stop. Wasn't pretty.
In my car though, I have three or four big dogs and I drive a dodge caliber. I can fit one dog and one crate. If I harnessed them all they would fight, three dogs pinned basically on top of each other.
However my dogs don't ride in the front seat, they are to lay down and stay put. I have never had an issue. My Malamute shoved my head into the windshield when we got rear ended but she was fine, not a mark on her.
I do get mad at dogs in drivers laps, or leaping around in the car.
OscarMayer- Abraham

Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 9:27pm PST 
We are kind of new to having a pet in our family. I had no idea that we SHOULD restrain Oscar in the car. I kenneled him once, and he got sick. So, now he just rides in someone's lap. Is there a better way for him ride?
Nakita Mae- Angel Girl

Live to dock- dive!
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 9:36pm PST 
One rant I have is seeing smaller dogs riding on the owners lap, aggghhh!! not cute and not smart. I also see people with small dogs riding on the top of the seat sorta like some kind of neck warmer.
I also agree with the posters who rant about open air trucks with dogs not properly restrained. We live in a farming area/logging area and see dogs who are standing on top of the large truck bed tool boxes or on top of all the logging stuff. AGGGGGGHHH!!!shock
Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 10:55pm PST 
I agree they shouldn't be kept in the open bed of a truck unless going reasonably slow, and then restraints are a must so the dog doesn't decide to jump out, but I don't restrain my dogs in my van (full-size van--no mini for me!) and don't really see a need to. I realize one can't predict a car accident, but it's a risk you take any time driving in a car... If I was afraid to take risks then I wouldn't drive. For that matter I wouldn't take the dogs hiking in the woods, or let Nix in a pen with sheep who could very easily decide to turn and trample him. wink

Dogs who have ridden in my van learn very quickly that the best place to be is in the spacious back. I don't have middle seats--just the two front seats, and one in the far back that folds down like a futon. Back there, lying down on the floor is the safest place to be. The only time I've ever had to restrain a dog in the back was a nasty mean failed foster who was trying to attack Ava. Put her in her crate as far in the back as she could go, and had my boyfriend hold Ava in the front with us while I drove. ...That was not a fun trip. silenced

Otherwise I never have to restrain my own dogs. They find their favorite comfy spots in the back of my van and settle down for the ride. smile

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