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Kayak- "Mighty- Moose Angel"-

Barked: Fri Dec 9, '11 9:51pm PST 
Thank goodness most of my friends are huge dog lovers and will walk in every kind of weather, we are those crazy dog walking people.
It is bad when you pick out clothes at the stores that will keep you warm walking the dogs. My newest mission is to FINALLY find some toasty gloves that are not bulky, that will not have to come off to move the leashes around, geez, drives me nutz.
Also, we live in the great northwest where we have all sorts of weather, changing from one hour to the next, so layer, layer, layer. My best investments have been warm, waterproof boots, a down vest and warm, waterproof jackets, oh, and of course hats that can accomidate a pony tail.
And yes, my dogs absolutely have to roll in snow, ice, soaked long grasses and of course, horse poop, gross.eek
The high temp today, 38.

"Stubborn" dogs- don't need- corrections
Barked: Fri Dec 9, '11 10:52pm PST 
Gracie - Haha, funny! XD I did have one friend who would take Lobo out when it was hot and I was sick, but she moved. So now I have to. But other friends of mine are very lax and uncaring, and think I'm insane when I tell them I take Lobo out in the early morning and let him play for an hour. Unfortunately, I can't take him to the park anymore, because there's a hole in the fence and Lobo got out. He came back, but they have horses. Lobes has never been around horses, and he's extremely curious; along with some natural predatory instincts, haha. Just one Lobo against three horses? No thanks XD

Kayak - I don't have a group of friends, haha. Just one friend who now moved D: Kind of sad... But oh well.
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