Answer to "I am not the Dog's 'Mommy'"!

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Barked: Thu Dec 1, '11 5:51pm PST 
Well said, Audrey. smile There couldn't have been a better way of putting it. smile
Sally Beaker-

Professional- Bone Horder
Barked: Fri Dec 2, '11 3:39am PST 
I never used to consider myself a "dog mom" until I started working at a daycare/boarding facility. Here it is completely acceptable to be called a "mom" or "dad" to a dog. The customers take it much more seriously than the employees do. We learn the dogs' names much faster than the owners for some reason, so until we know their name we refer to them as "Sally's mom." So I gradually got sucked into it.
And someone else commented earlier about the baby talk...I do it all time. I'm pretty sure my Pit Bull, Benz loves it. Either because of the tone of my voice or because I'm acting like a complete doofus.
Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Fri Dec 2, '11 5:25pm PST 
Audrey Hepbull, The Roo Crew, River, Savvy & others have said what we feel perfectly!

We cherish our dogs and they are, in every way (except the birthing part...which doesn't automatically create a good "mother") our kids. We are their Mommy & Daddy and could care less what anyones else thinks. We don't feel other names express the love between us and our only "kids".

We respect the opinions of those who do not wish to be referred to as Mommy or Daddy, just as we expect our personal choices to be respected.

This has been an interesting thread!

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